How does Gamstop – anti-gambling software work

Anti-Gambling Software


GAMSTOP is a programme that allows you to set limits on your online gambling activities. You will be barred from accessing gambling websites and apps operated by companies based in the United Kingdom for a period specified by you.

The self-exclusion scheme by Gamstop basically inhibits you from visiting any casinos and websites based in the UK, Scotland and Wales. This software aims to restrict betting at casinos, bookies and other online platforms. Gamstop is the solution if you are suffering from a financial crisis due to lack of self-control.

Working mechanism:

At first, you will have to register yourself for the program and specify the time you want to restrain yourself from online gambling. The time can be from six months to five years.

Gamstop requires personal information for registration such as one’s birth name, unique postcode, date of birth, email address and mobile number in use. This information is stored in Gamstop’s archive to be used for monitoring purposes in the future.

When you log in to your account or create a new one, the websites associated with Gamstop would run a security check on the Gamstop registry to verify if they meet the criteria. If the website detects that you have self-excluded from gambling and finds you in the Gamstop archive, you will be instantly denied login and registration privileges.

If you are logged in to any gambling website already and register to Gamstop after that, it will give you a grace period of 24 hours and ban the website after the interval.

How to apply:

To start with the registration procedure, read all the information provided by the website regarding their working mechanism, required information and privacy plan.

Click on the ‘Register’ button to start with the process. The self-exclusion project by Gamstop would require several personal details to restrict all the gambling platforms from your account. The required information would be:

Name and date of birth

Email address

Residential address and postcode

Mobile numbers in use

After the registration, you will be informed about practical tools and support through email. 24 hours later, the self-exclusion will be activated for your specified time; 6 months, one year or five years. Now you will be officially prohibited from all online gambling activities.

Features of Gamstop:

Gamstop has been an effective and popular anti-gambling software due to the following features:

It restricts all sorts of gambling sites if you provide your exact and up to date personal credentials.

Its support both on the technical and addictive sides has been proven to be very effective. So, it prevents relapses.

Most of the casinos in the UK and Northern Ireland are registered with Gamstop, restricting most popular gambling options.

It must be considered that a self-exclusion scheme is a voluntary choice, so any problematic gambler has to combine it with solid willpower to curtail his gambling habits.

How to cancel Gamstop:

As already mentioned, Gamstop is a voluntary action taken by a gambler against his addiction. The real strength is willpower that can prevent relapses. So, if one wants to use his will to get rid of his addiction; here is how you can avoid Gamstop after registering.

Or if you have been forced to register to Gamstop and now want to quit it, these are the ways. If you wish to try to get out of this programme, the first step is to contact Gamstop and set up a meeting or discussion regarding the possibility of lifting your ban.

Your Gamstop registry will be destroyed and your ban will be raised if you are approved to be un self-excluded; which is not something Gamstop is known for. This pertains to Gamstop, and if online casinos have blocklisted you due to Gamstop, you’ll still be banned.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion strategy located in the United Kingdom that only impacts websites enrolled with the programme. Currently, online casino service providers are not required to register with Gamstop, but this may change in the future.

This will be a valuable lesson if it ever becomes necessary. As a result, if a casino isn’t registered with Gamstop, your archived data will be useless to them. It doesn’t scan anything and won’t stop you from gambling online. Because most online casinos in the United Kingdom are members of the Gamstop programme, you may need to go outside of the UK. Malta and Gibraltar have the most liberal laws and regulations when it comes to internet gambling.

All you have to do is select an online casino with its headquarters registered in one of these two locations and you should have no trouble opening an account.

These suggestions are only for persons who found themselves on GamStop by accident or signed up for a longer self-exclusion time than required.

Sites registered on Gamstop:

Around 180 gambling operators have been registered with Gamstop, including the most popular gambling sites of Great Britain. Among them are Betfair, LeoVegas, Casumo, Coral, Bingo.com, Pokerstars, 21Bet, Unibet, William Hill and more.

As of 2021, the companies which are working under Gamstop are 32 Red Limited, Goldchip Limited, Annexio Limited, Health Lottery (ELM) Limited, RTSB Limited (Match Bingo), Betmate Limited, BetVictor Limited, Betway Limited, Bgo Entertainment Limited, Sovereign Group UK Limited (Top The Lot) and several others.

The sites which are not operating under a UKGC license cannot register with the program. However, they allow UK players to gamble freely; but they simply cannot register with Gamstop. Among the various non Gamstop betting sites and casinos there are big names like CASINO, The Red Lion, ROYAL OAK CASINO, RIDIKA and many more.

Gamstop has proven to be an effective anti-gambling plugin, but they never denied that an addict has to rely mainly on his willpower to avoid relapses. Considering this fact, they have been working to encourage people to voluntarily use the anti-gambling programs for their security. No power can restrain you from your addiction unless you want to get away from it.