How Does a Random Number Generator Work?

Random Number Generator

Every sector gets ahead through technological innovations, and the gambling industry is not an exception. One significant innovation in the gambling industry is the random number generator (RNG). This piece of technology ensures that the excitement in iGaming remains at its peak.

This is a very controversial topic because many gamers wonder if random number generators are trustworthy. To fully ascertain that RNGs are indeed reliable, we first have to look into how they work.

What is an RNG?

How are bingo numbers generated? This is the million-dollar question many bingo players find themselves asking. The random number generator creates bingo numbers using a complex algorithm. The MD5 generates many different outcomes for games like bingo and slots.

There are two main types of RNG;

  • The hardware random number generator
  • Pseudorandom number generator

Both types have distinct mechanisms that ensure the generated numbers are random.

How the Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) Works 

The HRNG is mostly found in land-based casinos and is less sophisticated than the PNG. It’s an external device that’s usually attached to a casino’s server USB port.

Using compound values as a starting point, the HRNG generates random numbers by an action or a rule. Which means the core numbers determine the random numbers to be generated.

This then begs the question; is it truly random? HRNG is not truly random because it’s reliant on an external output.

How the Pseudorandom Number Generator (PNG) Works 

The PNG is much more advanced as compared to the HRNG and is preferably used by online casinos. The PNG works better because it doesn’t rely on an external output to generate random numbers.

Pseudorandom number generators use seed numbers that the system produces every millisecond. The seed numbers are generated by taking the last two numbers and using one of these mathematical equations to get an outcome;

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

Due to the system’s constant calculation, the PNG is more reliable than the HRNG. These software algorithms deal with huge numbers, but this is not to say that the generation is truly random.

After all, the PNG also depends on the limited outcomes created by the equations listed above. However, since the amount of outcomes is almost infinitely high, results are always different.

A caveat in that the software algorithms can be hacked. The calculations make the systems vulnerable to unauthorized access. A player could cheat the system if they knew the seed number an online casino uses on the algorithm.

Thankfully, when online casinos use MD5, they prevent this from happening.

How do RNGs Work at Online Casinos?

RNGs are used in a number of games where there is no dealer. Online casino games like bingo, roulette, slots, poker, blackjack, and keno depend on RNGs for a random experience. Random Number Generators accomplish what dealers do when they shuffle cards.

The random experience varies from game to game because the number range on each game is distinct. Modern casinos used advanced software algorithms to ensure players have a unique gaming experience every time they play. Here are some of the best bingo sites to launch in 2020.

Can RNGs be Predicted?

Technically, predicting RNGs outcomes is possible. Players have tried to cheat before, but the chances of success are very slim.

A technologically-minded gambler could hack into an online casino’s RNG and replace the algorithm with a hacked one. This used to happen back in the 90s because computer programmers could master sequences and change playouts.

Modern security systems have ensured this is no longer possible. These systems flag suspicious activities and interferences before any damage is done.

Can I trust an RNG?

You certainly can trust a random number generator.


Gambling regulations have provisions that ensure gamblers have unbiased gaming experiences. Online casinos owe it to their players to be fair and to provide details of their compliance with gambling regulations. Instances of cheating in the past can have gamers questioning the reliability of RNGs, technology and regulations have leveled the playfield.


The iGambling sector uses the latest technologies to improve gaming experiences for gamblers. Even though RNG has been subjected to tampering throughout history, new developments make them safe and reliable. Since RNGs continuously produce random numbers even when no one is playing, there is no way players can predict outcomes. Also, because the software algorithms work with huge numbers, the variables are so many, that it’s almost impossible to get the same result twice. Make sure you lookout for a casino’s certification to ascertain that they’re in compliance with gambling regulations.