How Bloggers Manage Their Accounts Across Different Social Media

Social Media

The key to a successful blogging career is all about exposure. You need to make your content stand out from the massive amount of noise that exists on today’s Internet.

One of the most effective ways to make your online presence known is through social media. Often potential readers may not even know they want to find your blog content in the first place, so it is very important that you have a strong social media presence that can draw potential readers to your site.

This means that modern bloggers also need to be masters at managing the various social media platforms on which they operate. Therefore, whether you are a professional blogger, an aspiring one or just someone with a lot of social media presence, there is much you can learn from watching how bloggers manage their accounts across different social media platforms.

Most bloggers who need to navigate the complexity of today’s Internet use aggregate guide sites that contain a range of how-to guides for managing everything from social media accounts to banking and discussion forum accounts. is one example out of many that offer a range of these sorts of guides. With so many different formats for online accounts, these sites act as a central hub for a wide range of account management related issues that professional bloggers are likely to deal with on a regular basis.

Separate the Professional From the Personal

This first step that bloggers take to manage their social media presence is to separate their personal accounts from their professional ones.

Make a list of all your different social media accounts, and put your professional accounts on one side and your personal accounts on the other. If you have any accounts that are both professional and personal, then move these to the personal side of your list.

Next, you want to make sure that you have a strictly professional account for each social media platform that you use to promote your blogging. Everything from Facebook pages to Twitter handles should be strictly separated between your personal life and your professional blogging career.

Find Applications to Manage Your Platforms

If you are lucky and stick to the major social media platforms for promoting your blogging, then there are a number of applications that will let you manage all of them at once with one easy interface. From logging in and out of multiple accounts to posting content across 2 or more of your accounts at once, these applications will save you a lot of time and effort when managing multiple platforms.

If you use more obscure platforms, then you may still need to use 2 or more applications to cover all your social media accounts, but it will still be better than managing each account separately.

Record and Manage Your Work-Flow

Once you have your social media accounts organized, it is time to learn how to manage your social media workflow.

Did you post your latest teaser content on all your social media platforms? Have you responded to the important comments on your Twitter thread?

With the flurry of social media activity that surrounds the promotion of your blog, it is very easy to get confused, fall behind and miss crucial tasks. Start recording all your social media activity and future plans, and then go through your list of tasks methodically to make sure that it is all finished promptly and in good order.

If Bloggers Can Do It, So Can You

Successful professional bloggers have learned the value of managing their wide social media presence using some organizational tips and helpful applications. Whether you are a blogger or not, everyone can make use of these lessons to ensure that they are getting the maximum value from their social media efforts.

Social media is the fastest growing venue for advertising everything from blog content to consumer products, and the best part is that it is generally free or very inexpensive to use. Start organizing your social media presence today, and you will quickly notice a difference in how effectively you spread your content on modern social media.

Image Credits: Social MediafromLenka Horavova /Shutterstock