What is Dubsmash? Three Important Tricks on How To Use It

If you want to recreate a movie scene or create a music video with your voice than Dubsmash is for you. It has been downloaded for more than ten million times. But, how did it became a sensation?

What is Dubsmash and Where did it came from?

Original audio in background and you recording a video of yourself is what Dubsmash is all about. You can perform a song or a movie scene without worrying the dialogue delivery, you just need to mimic it.

The audio can be uploaded by others or by you, when selecting a audio you will get many categories from your favorite movie or TV show. You can also find the Opera.

After you select the audio clip or file, you can record your own video and play sound along it. Afterwards this new creation of your can be sent to multiple social networking website, like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

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Dubsmash was developed by a small team of German web developers. Jonas Druppel, Daniel Taschik and Roland Greke, which got launched in November last year.

The reason why it became so popular is due to fact that Dubsmash is simple to use and any age group people can use it.

Here are three important things that can help you gain success in Dubsmash.

3 ImportantTips

1. One has to have a good phone, bad one will lead to un-synchronised lip movements despite great efforts. Plus the Poor quality image will also be there, if you use a regular cam.

2. Post Dubsmash editing the video is a must.There are various apps available, theme based editing (e.g., for retro the blank white).

3. One has to be really expressive. All famous Dubsmashers are generally into overacting!

Tips via Swati – A Popular Dubsmasher from India.

See her video below:

So, the next time you see a video getting popular on TV, remember Dubsmash will give you an opportunity to do better. Do share this post with people who want to know more about Dubsmash and how does it work. And don’t forget to enter your email below and get freeemail from us, getting new articles and interesting guest columns.