Step by Step Guide to Start a Lifestyle Blog

If you want to make money online plus have some fun, then there is nothing better than opening a lifestyle blog. You can share some fashion sense, travel adventures, beauty tips and home design projects which will only cost you less than $5 per month and you will be owning a domain name and a brand yourself.

Today, we will see how can we create a lifestyle blog in less than 14 minutes and no knowledge of coding or anything else. So, just follow me and grab a cup of coffee.

Before we jump in to start a blog, there are few thing that you should consider – your blog topic or theme, a blog name and a blogging platform.

Blog Theme or Topic

A lifestyle blog doesn’t mean you have to share all the details about your life. You can choose a specific theme or focus on a topic like art and craft, interior design, family life, cooking, and recipes, etc. But, you don’t require to be stressed about a topic, if you choose a general blog name then your topics can be changed anytime in future.

Blog Name

Your blog name should be similar to your theme or topic. It can become a big brand in future, and it should help like-minded people that want to find your website. For example, if you want your blog to be a travel blog, then you can name it like – TravelTheWorldWithAlex.com or TripswithAdman.com. And if you want to write about success and your journey of being a mother than names like – prettymomguide.com or mommyworld.com can be a good option. I you still can’t decide what name you want, then you can always start with your own name and add some or little variation so that you can write about anything you want.

Still if you need help you can check my post on naming your blog for more insights and ideas.

The Blogging Platform

Now, your name is selected and you are ready to start your very own lifestyle blog and for that use the best blogging software called WordPress. There is bit confusion while WordPress have two versions – WordPress.com ( a free version ) and WordPress.org (a self-hosted version). The free version of WordPress.com has several limitations like advertising options and custom designs are not allowed. If you are only opening this blog for a hobby, then WordPress.com or Blogger.com can serve your purpose.

But, if you want to open a traditional website like those best lifestyle blogs and make money while blogging than I recommend you to choose self-hosted WordPress blog.

How to Start A Lifestyle Blog

To create a lifestyle blog we require a self-hosted version of WordPress and for this purpose, we first require a web hosting account. For complete newbies, I should simplify what is hosting? And you will be surprised to know that it’s nothing but a hard drive which is located online. Its connected to the internet and you can save your files, photos and any other type of content on it so that you can access it from anywhere.

For hosting, I have got a great deal for you from one of the best hosting companies – BlueHost. In less than $5 per month, you will get a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth/file transfer, unlimited hosting space, unlimited emails and 1-click WordPress installation.

To start a lifestyle blog, and get my deal that will give you 40% discount, click here of the screenshot below.

best hosting - Bluehost

Once you click on “get started now” button, you will be presented with three hosting accounts and from them I recommend the starter plan for newbies.

select your plan

Now you will be on a screen where you have to enter your “New Domain”, enter your desired name for blog and press “Next.” If it’s available you will be the next screen. Otherwise you will get suggestions from Bluehost around your name.

If you get stuck and you are not able to find your desired name, try adding prefixes and/or suffixes. You can also add some general words like “My,” “The” or may be synonyms of some words that can describe your selected term like “sad” can be converted to “cry,” “unhappy,” “sorrowful” or “gloomy,” etc.

3-Domain Registration

After you have got the desired name, next step will ask your general information for your account on Bluehost.

When you get the option to select the hosting plan, I recommend picking the “Started 36 Month” plan as you will get the cheapest rates for 3 year period. Also, you will not be bothered about renewing it every year. But you will always have the option to select whichever plan you want to pick. You will get the same performance and plan features in all.

5-Choose Plan

You can also have more options that can boost your site performance further like Domain security, site backup and search engine jumpstart. But not all of them is necessary and you can skip them.

After all the information filling (billing information as well). You will receive an email for verification and you can now access your Bluehost account.

Once you login to Bluehost you will be presented with a number of options and from there you need to select the “Install WordPress” button.


Once you click it, you will be presented with WordPress installation form and you need to enter the admin details for your website.

10-WP Login

That’s it you can install the WordPress and with login details, you will be presented WordPress blog admin panel where you can start writing posts and managing your WordPress blog.

What’s Next?

Make those important blog pages that are quite essential when starting up.