Best ways to make money in Path of Exile


If you have been playing Path of Exile for quite some time and you`ve seen people with mirror items and so much powerful gear maybe you wonder how these people build up these items, or how they make so much PoE currency to afford those items. Maybe in this article we can give you some hints about these currencies farming in Path of Exile.

Just to get it out of the picture, one of the best ways to make some good currency in this game is to play it for a lot of hours. It is true, this is not a secret method, but let`s face it, if you play more, you earn more. Also if you to lab and boss fights, you will have a very good productive farming session. Now let me give you a secret for these crazy farming sessions. You have to learn what is valuable. So many rares are valuable but as you are new to the game you feel like: “These items is better for the vendors”. The items value is not so easy to determine. You must learn where to farm and how much to farm. Also you need to know what is valuable and what is not.

Start of the season strategy

At the start of the season, just try to rush the Atlas and farm t15 maps to get t16 map drops. Now, you can sell the t16 for 2 exalt each. This price will drop down to 1 exalt each after the first week. You should keep doing that for one more week. But a bunch of Poorjoys and deck your character out with defensive gear. Buy 20Q gems and slap them on every gem slot, seriously every gem slot. Level the gems up in Poorjoy Rotas, Vaal them and sell the 21/20 gems for 3-4 exalt each. You can do this for the rest of the season.

Spam Chimera

You can go out there and to as many Chimera maps as you can. The map will cost you somewhere around 6 or 7c. Basically you are running a t16 map for a base cost of about 7c Occasionally you can get opal rings, more t16 maps and diviner or arcanist chests. If you really hit the jackpot, you might get a good shaper base from the guardian.

Atziri/Uber Atziri

Boss farming is one of the best ways to make some PoE currency. Atziri is one of the bosses that is perfect for early game. Also it is extremely profitable early in the league, it has quickly drops. The Uber Atziri will be profitable for only the first month into the league so you should not focus on that.

The experience rate that you will get from Atziri is also good. And it has lots of extra map drops. Another valuable thing is the Atziri`s Promise. The flask that drops from the normal Atziri is extremely valuable the first few days of a league and well-rolled flasks are much more valuable than the average.

The strategy to kill Atziri is pretty basic. All you have to know is that she has 3 kinds of phases. A standard phase in which she only cast spells, The second phase where si splits into 4 mini forms, and the add phase, where Atziri herself will be inactive in the center while other mobs will try to heal her.

Atziri is not a hard boss to kill so most of the players will manage to kill her very fast. Go out there and try your best! Hope this article was useful.