Best Mobile Apps For Medical School Students

The top apps for medical school help to improve studying, nail exam prep, boost productivity and beat back stress. However, to stay afloat, you need to check daily, and one of the most dependable and most efficient approaches to do this is to benefit from all that “in-between” time in your day.

Learning all the matter for medical school is a bit like seeking to drink from a fire hose. There’s a furious torrent of information, and somehow you require to get it all into your skull. On the other hand, it is helpful while dissecting cadavers, comprehending organic chemistry, presenting it to the lab on time in a relevant mental state. It provides you time to do the laundry, put food in your mouth, and manage basic hygiene standards.

Let’s take a more approaching look at an assortment of the top apps for medical school.


Brainscape is a flashcard-based network and mobile app for complex learners who require large onboard amounts of data and do it speedily. Its significant differentiators from other flashcard apps are:

  1. It’s a higher-spaced repetition algorithm.
  2. It’s comprehensive learning analytics.
  3. Its tools help you estimate how much study time you have left for a particular goal.
  4. Its flexible content formats.
  5. Its extensive range of quality flashcard content.


Anki is a successful adaptive flashcard app used by several med students. While its scheme might not be quite as slick as Brainscape and Quizlet, its software is “open source,” suggesting it is developed by the public community and not regulated by an enterprise. It is also free to apply online at this writing, although its mobile app runs for $25.


Quizlet is also a top-rated flashcard app with pre-created card decks on medical terminology, conditions, and abbreviations. There’s an extensive array of user-created flashcards in Quizlet’s marketplace, and you can also design your own. Most of the material in Quizlet is user-generated and in the sort of autonomous “study sets” rather than a comprehensive progressive curriculum. If you are looking to obtain your medical vocab investigating more fun, Quizlet may be the app for you. If you are looking for a more productive study app that will help you learn more comprehensive medical content in less time, go with Brainscape.

Apps For Medical School

MDCalc Medical Calculator

Being a doctor requires knowing a boatload of formulas, calculations, and equations, where MDCalc can make life a lot easier. The app contains 500+ clinical judgment tools, including:

  • Risk scores
  • Algorithms
  • Equations
  • Formulas
  • Dosing calculators

MDCalc encourages you to juggle the many complex medical formulas you’ll necessitate making good decisions and guidance for patient care. Formulas such as the pregnancy wheel, dermatome map, eye chart, and growth velocity help a lot. In addition, the clinical decision tools are designed to support 35+ medical specialties.


Prognosis is an app that’s created to assist you in becoming a world-class diagnostician. It incorporates a catalog of cases generated by 200 physicians across 33 specialties. You understand to read a case, obtain your diagnosis, and then check it against the peer-reviewed answer on the app. New cases are published each week based on real-world clinical activities. The case information presented includes test results, diagnostic reasoning, and critical learning points. In addition, the prognosis is a handy app for getting to grips with different disease groups and their treatment.


DailyRounds comprises peer-reviewed clinical cases from surgeons globally. The cases are granted to help you implement it in the examinations like the AIPGMEE, USMLE, and NEET PG. A good proportion of these cases are typical clinical scenarios, but the app also branches out into rarer conditions and diseases. All the significant specialties are covered: cardiology, anesthesiology, radiology, nephrology, pathology, pediatrics, and surgery.

Human Anatomy Atlas

Medical students and professionals use Human Anatomy Atlas and include textbook-level terminology and dissection models, microanatomy, and animations. It’s an extraordinary study reference and a lot lighter to haul around with you than an anatomy textbook. In addition, the Human Anatomy Atlas is a perfect replacement for Game of Thrones if you’re watching to get into the grist and gristle of what lies under the human skin!

Apps For Medical School


An essential requirement for passing medical school and practicing safe medicine is understanding drug interactions. Of course, there are many medications in the business, so this is not comfortable … but that’s where Epocrates appears. The free variant of Epocrates focuses on pharmacology and features a robust drug interaction checker. You can counteract harmful synergies between up to 30 brands, generic, OTC, or alternative drugs at a time. All in all, this app is an excellent reference for pharmacology and good prescription practice.


It is one of the most popular medical apps around. Medscape features a tailored news feed. There’s data on the hot-off-the-press FDA approvals, conference updates, new clinical trial data, and more. The “consult” section has a vast web of practitioners and med students where you can browse new case histories and keep up with contemporary medical thought. Medscape also comprises 400+ medical calculators, pill identifiers, a drug interaction checker, and step-by-step procedural videos.


Todoist has been termed “the best to-do list right now.” Twenty-five million learners use it to design, plan, and cooperate with their daily task list. You can use this app to hold your achievements top-of-mind with a widget that shows your current progress toward daily and weekly goals. In addition, you can immediately create reminders for repeated tasks and order your list in terms of quality. Todoist is especially good at breaking large amorphous assignments into small, bite-sized pieces, which is the key to developing energy and winning each day.

Final Thought 

These medical and self-help apps will help you survive or even thrive during the years at medical school and as a practitioner. The world requires good doctors, and to get there, you’re working to need to cross all your med school exams. Your end goal will take an immeasurable deal of work, but it’s worth it in the end. So good luck, study hard, be more intelligent as you learn and get lots of success.