4 Tips to Choosing a Wireless Smart Security Camera

With a wireless smart camera, you can keep an eye on your home when you are gone. And just like the name suggests, this type of cameras donít feature any cables. They are actually interconnected using WiFi network. On the other hand, buying a surveillance camera is not easy for beginners.

This is due to the fact that majority of them donít know what to look for in a camera. In fact, cameras come with different specifications. You must therefore analyze your needs before opting for any camera. Below are some tips that can guide you when shopping for smart security cameras.

  1. Choose Large or Small Cameras

When it comes to choosing surveillance camera based on size, you only have two options. Itís either you settle for a large camera or a small camera. Large cameras are ideal for alerting people that they are being watched. This discourages people from being on the offensive. The downside with this camera is that it can be damaged by crooks because they can see it. There are even instances when such cameras were covered with clothes just to allow criminals to do their thing unnoticed. Small cameras are the best when you want to film people without attracting their attention. Due to their tiny size, you can hide them in places that people might not expect them to be.

  1. Buy Separate Cameras for Indoors and Outdoors

If you intend to fix surveillance cameras both inside and outside the house, itís recommended that you buy indoor and outdoor cameras.† This is because a camera thatís designed to be used indoors may not perform well when fixed outdoors. Outdoor cameras come with a strong housing that makes them resistant to extreme weather conditions. In fact, they canít be damaged by rain or snow because they are waterproof. Indoor cameras on the other hand tend to be delicate. They can therefore be easily damaged by water and snow. However, if you intend to keep watch over a commercial kitchen, itís advisable you mount an outdoor camera because it will be able to cope with grease and steam.

  1. Consider Angle of View

Since a wireless camera is limited by distance, itís important you opt for cameras that feature a wide angle of view. When the angle of view is large, you will need to install only a few cameras. This will help you spend less money on surveillance gadgets. But if your cameras can only cover a small area, you will have to fix many of them. Thugs can actually take advantage of such cameras to sneak around. You should opt for cameras that come with a canon and rotating bases to enable you focus on a larger area at any given time.

  1. Read Comparison Reviews

Before you buy any camera, you should take time to read comparison reviews that are available on the internet. When you scroll through these comparisons, you will be able to know the most outstanding features of each brand. You can also use commercial security services that can help you in lot of ways, by the rule of thumb, you should opt for top-rated surveillance cameras. Such cameras tend to be more affordable and rich in features. They offer the highest resolution and battery life.