20+ Excellent Sites To Send National And International SMS For Free

Mobile technology has an greater impact on our life. Since mobile phones came in our life, the way of communication has totally changed. From letters to text messages and trunk calls to STD calls from mobiles. I still remember when there were charges for incoming calls too and see now – mobile call rates are so cheap that we talk with our friends for hours and hours.

Mobile technology has not changes only but there is a drastic change in mobile handsets too. Now mobiles are sleek and sexy in comparison to big black colored cellphones of all time. These days touch smart phones are on the roll. Everyone has touch phones in their pockets.

I like touch phones too because of its immense features and display but one thing always annoys me to type text messages on such kind of phones. I am sure it is annoying for you too. How adverse you become with typing in the touch screens, you can’t compete with the physical keyboard phones. Personally, when I have to send SMS to anyone I mostly use websites that allows me to send SMS from computer.

The main advantages of sending SMS from such sites are –

  • It saves your time because typing on keyboard is much faster than typing on cell phones.
  • They allow you to send SMS free of charge while you have to pay your cellular phone service to send messages from phone.
  • You can send messages to anywhere in the world and even get replies directly on your mobile phones.
  • Some sites allow you to send more than 160 characters long messages while your phone allow only 160 characters and charge rate for 2nd sms if that limit exceeds.

I hope you too convinced with above advantages and want to know sites that allow you to send free SMS worldwide to your near and dear ones.Though, free word comes with some gimmicks and same applies with these sites such as some websites needs registration to send sms while other have some limitations over sending free SMS per day. But, I hope these small limitations will not make you turned back on using these services.

So, here’s the list of 20+ sites to send national and international SMS for free from your computer.

1. 160by2 : 160by2 endeavors to revolutionize the very concept of sending SMS – from a PAID service to a FREE service. You can now send free SMS messages, 80 characters long, within India to all your near and dear. It allows you to send 500 messages in a day with 100 messages to one particular number in a day.

2. Way2SMS : Way2SMS.com offers SMS communication totally cost free to mobile users. More than four lakh users visit Way2SMS every day, and they are just not from India alone, but come from as many as 126 countries globally! There are many other features that makes users to love their site such as email notifications to your mobile, instant messaging services within the site and many more.

3. SMScity : This site allows you to send free SMS every day internationally. You will get 12 free credits for an SMS to send international sms. You can also send SMS via MSN service. This site offers both free and paid plans to its subscribers.

4. Jaxtr : A leading site that allows you to send SMS worldwide has an coverage of nearly 38 international countries including UK, US, Canada, India and many others. IT allows message recipients to reply your SMS directly from cell phones or through a web link.

5. AtroChatro : If you looking for a service that lets you send text messages of full 160 characters, this site is for you but only allow you to send only 2 sms per IP and that too only in India.

6. BizHat.com : This site allows you to send free text messages upto 140 characters long to all Indian mobile numbers.

7. Email2SMS : Don’t worry you dont have to send email for texting. This site allows you to send free SMS worldwide without any registration required.

8. FreeSMSNetwork : The only website that allows you to send free SMS worldwide up to 197 characters.

9. FreeTextMessager : Send text messages to your friends, family or co-workers in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.You can send as many ‘Free’ sms text messages as you like, faster and easier than using your wireless phone without any restriction over character limit.

10. Ibibo iSMS : A free service to send SMS anyone in India to individuals and groups up to 90 characters.

11. JungleSMS : This site allows you to send 50 free SMS all over the world up to 178 countries. You have to register the site to send message and character limit is up to 150 characters.

12. KrifySMS : Send Free and Instant Short Messages to the Cell phones in India from any where in the world up to 100 characters long.

13. mjoy :Send unlimited FREE Text Messages to any mobile phone in the world. You need to register in the site and you will get your personalized dashboard to send and sort out the messages.

14. IndyaRocks : By using this website, you can send free SMS to any Mobile in India. You can also schedule free SMS for Future dates. It has also has an feature to send free group SMS with fast SMS delivery in just 30 seconds or less.

15. SpiceSMS : Send SMS to anyone in India without registration with 160 characters limit.

16. SMS Loop : This site allows you to send SMS to Indian numbers from anywhere in the world up to 100 character limit. You need to do a quickregistrationbut you can try the service before registering too.

17. Send SMS Now : This site allows you to send free SMS to US and Canada up to 100 character long messages after registering on site.

18. SeaSMS :Send Free SMS Worldwide. Enter the message you wish to send, the phone number to which you wish to send the SMS (without 0s and +s), select the name of the cellular provider of the destination number and click on the |Send| button. As simple as that. It supports up to 450 characters long SMS and user can send unlimited SMS all day.

19. SMSIX : Send a message to all mobile phones worldwide for free.No registration required. No login. Send a free SMS text from your computer to any mobiles. It allows you to send 13 characters long SMS.

20. Text4Free : Send free text messages using Text 4 Free. Send free SMS messages from the computer. You can send free text messages from this website to almost anywhere in the world.

21. txtDrop : TxtDrop enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery. No more need to pay your cellular provider up to 25 cents for sending your friend a text. Just enter your email (for replies), your friends mobile number and your message and we’ll send your text instantly. Completely free of charge.

22. Text By SMS : Text By SMS is an awesome fast, free way to send text messages to your friends, co-workers, and family worldwide. The message is usually received by their cellphone within seconds and won’t cost them anything.

23. txt2day : This site allows you to send free SMS worlwide 100% free with no gimmicks. It does not require any registration and you can send 140 characters long messages all over the world.