15 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now

Online Business

Have you ever wanted to earn more money? Or maybe always wanted to quit your 9-to-5 job and start working from home or from Khai Nai Island in Thailand?

Thanks to the internet,we have many options for an online job or even a business to make it possible. Since there are many ideas to choose from, here’s a list of 15 to get you started.

Business Ideas

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  1. BloggingBusiness Ideas

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If you ever wanted to share your ideas, stories or knowledge with others, you could start a blog. As long as you have ideas what to write and how to reach the people who would be interested in reading your post you’re good to go. The downside of blogging is that there are many blogs out there already, so you’ll need something to differentiate. But on the other hand, you can always come up with something creative, like asking your readers what they would like to see or even interact with them to make your blog unique. This could be done with a wordpress contact forms available with this tool.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where you connect products or services with people and get paid if they make a purchase. To put it simply, it’s recommending products for others. There are various ways how to do it. You can start a blog, YouTube channel, create Facebook or Google ads, share products on Facebook groups or pay people on social media to do it for you etc.

  1. Start a POD Store

Print on demand (POD) is a model of e-commerce business, where you can sell different designs on t-shirt, hoodies, mugs, paintings or other apparel and accessories. When a customer places an order on your store, you simply order the same product from your supplier and he prints your design on the product, packs it and ships it to your customer. Like with every other e-commerce business, the hardest part is coming up with a marketing plan, so you’ll need not only to think about what designs you’ll want to make, but also who will be buying your products and how you’re going to reach them. If you want to know more how to sell tshirts, you can check a guide from Printify.

  1. Start a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is another model of e-commerce, which is very similar to POD because it has the same process. When your customer places an order on your store, you order the same product from your supplier for a lower price, who then sends it to your customer. This model, like POD, does not require any money upfront which makes it easy to get started. On the other hand, you’ll need to find a niche, good suppliers and of course have a good marketing plan.

  1. Start a Retail StoreStart a Retail Store

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Retail is another model of e-commerce. The difference between other models is that you’ll be buying products from different suppliers for a wholesale price and then reselling them on your store for a retail price. This business model requires quite a lot of money upfront because you’ll need to buy products and store them somewhere before you can start selling them on your store. On the other hand, you’ll have a larger profit margin and be able to take good quality product pictures for your store or ads.

  1. Write a Book

Writing a book is not for everyone, it takes a lot of time, dedication and imagination to do it. On the other hand, once the book is finished, you’ll be able to get a passive income over and over again when someone buys it. Moreover, services like print on demand will reduce the costs of publishing a book, by printing a book only when someone orders it.

  1. Create a Course

If you have some skills and knowledge that can be shared or/and thought to others, you might want to think about creating an online course. This might take a while to create, but once finished your course will generate you passive income whenever someone buys it. Moreover, if your courses will be high in quality, you could even start a YouTube channel, to make extra money from ads and promoting your courses.

  1. Become a YouTuber

Becoming a YouTuber is very hard nowadays, but it’s not impossible. The problem is that there are so many people who are doing it already and you’ll need something really unique to become successful. Moreover, just like with any other online business, this activity takes quite a lot of time to build up.

  1. Create an App

Even if you don’t know how to make an app, you can always find someone who does. The app market is very competitive and there are already millions of apps out there, but this shouldn’t stop you. There is always enough space for creative ideas that solve people’s problems or allow them to simply have fun. If you have an interesting idea that you think the world needs – do it.

  1. Start a Social Media AgencyStart a Social Media Agency

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There is a lot of people who need their social media taken care of. This could be writing posts and engaging with readers or creating and managing ads on Facebook or other social media platforms. Even if you don’t have the necessary skills to do it right now, you can learn it in time with the abundance of knowledge and courses on the internet.

  1. Become a Freelancer

If you can write articles, design, code, create music, make videos or even make a beautiful presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint you could become a freelancer. Freelancers are people who are working on tasks or remote jobs from home. There are many tasks to choose from and even if you don’t have the necessary skills or expertise, you can learn it in time.

  1. Create WordPress Websites

To create a website on WordPress you don’t need to know how to code. WordPress is made for people without any coding knowledge so that they could make a website themselves. Yet sometimes, people are still too lazy or simply don’t have enough time to do it themselves and that’s where you could come in. There’s a lot of free information on creating a website with WordPress and you can start by making websites for free until you’ll feel comfortable with charging people for your work.

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

There are many online businesses that need virtual assistance because they can’t do everything themselves anymore. There are many things virtual assistants do – from managing social media to fulfilling orders and answering business emails. This job will allow you to learn from the already successful people and at the same time make some money.

  1. Start a Consulting Agency

If you have skills and expertise that you think other people would be willing to pay to learn, you could start a consulting agency. This market is also very competitive because now everyone can be a guru. Your success will depend on the quality of knowledge, how you’re going to teach it and to whom and what results you could promise to your clients.

  1. Instagram Sponsorships

If you can create a beautiful visual content for Instagram and gather a large number of follower you could start making sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can earn you anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars per posts. Everything depends on the number of followers you have and who are following you. Building a big Instagram account takes a really long time but could be very profitable.

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