50 Absolutely Stunning Geometric Design, Pattern and Structures

From the very start, design & art have inspired people all around the world; particularly with geometric work of art.

The geometric design can have several faces, for example – minimalistic approach, complex designs; as they are more rigid in quality than organically made design.

Now, many of the designer use this geometric pattern, its shapes and style; that enable to look at art from a whole new level of artistry.

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1. Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore

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Vector animals

3. 20 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

20 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

4. Niark 1


5. Geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos

6. Simply Complicated’ A3 limited edition print by Renato Pequito

Simply Complicated' A3 limited edition print by Renato Pequito. Now for sale at Etsy

7. Nacho – Gil


8. Spray paintings

Spray paintings

9. VLISCO, the true original

VLISCO, the true original

10. Graphic Nothing

Graphic Nothing

11. Geometric clothes

Geometric clothes

12. geometric print by RISIN Goods

geometric print by RISINGoods

13. Chobopop


14. Justin Maller’s Facets

Justin Maller's Facets

15. jan albers

jan albers

16. Elijah


17. Landshape


18. Tasty


19. Phil Chang

Phil Chang

20. Silk


21. Linea by Marcos Bernardes

Linea by Marcos Bernardes

22. Charley Harper

Charley Harper

23. KYL21 popsicle

KYL21 popsicle

24. The Pattern Library – Leather Nunchuck By Claudio Guglieri

The Pattern Library – Leather Nunchuck By Claudio Guglieri

25. Gretchen Nash

Gretchen Nash

26. Bird Mural

Bird Mural

27. 15 Calming Color Palette

15 Calming Color Palette

28. Iunewind


29. Portobello Books

Portobello Books

30. Geometric art

Geometric art

31. MWM Graphics

MWM Graphics

32. Motif wine

Motif wine

33. Detail from a 2010 flyer designed

Detail from a 2010 flyer designed

34. Cesar Gomez

Cesar Gomez

35. Pattern Booth

Pattern Booth

36. Coïncidence Alexis Duku 2012

Coïncidence Alexis Duku 2012

37. Jeff Jagunich

Jeff Jagunich

38. Matt W Moore

Matt W Moore

39. 2D or not 2D is the collaborative

2D or not 2D is the collaborative

40. Tomas Brechler

Tomas Brechler

41. Geometric Daily

Geometric Daily

42. Objects by Rizon Parein

Objects by Rizon Parein

43. 6ra99a


44. Oh My God

Oh My God

45. Novum Structures

Novum Structures

46. Ciokkolata


47. Little White Lies

Little White Lies

48. Franco Grignani Posters

Franco Grignani Posters

49. Elodole


50. Sakir Gökçebag

Sakir Gökçebag