What to look for in a hypoallergenic mattress


If you have been living with indoor allergies for some time, you know the importance of keeping your sleeping quarters allergen-free. If you have been newly diagnosed with indoor allergies, you probably have a lot of questions about how to design your bedroom and get the right mattress to decrease your allergy symptoms.

In any case, getting a hypoallergenic mattress is important, but it isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when designing your bedroom. You’ll also want to consider how easy it is to keep everything clean and dust-free, not just your mattress. Keeping your bedroom free of allergens is the best way to decrease dependency on allergy medications. You should dust everything in your bedroom at least once per week, and the bed, mattress, and other furniture and décor that you choose should not be able to trap dust.

Before we jump into choosing the best hypoallergenic mattress, let’s take a look at other considerations when furnishing the bedroom.

  • The type of bed you choose makes all the difference inability to maintain a dust and allergen-free environment. Platform beds with no open space beneath are the best option because they are easy to dust and eliminate a big portion of the bedroom while cleaning.
  • Canopy beds have more surface area to dust, and you will need to have a way to clean or launder whatever you use for the canopy overhang.
  • Upholstered headboards should be avoided because it can be very difficult to keep them dust and allergen-free. It is hard to clean the fabric of the headboard, especially if it is tufted. Keep in mind that upholstery can appear clean while still harboring allergens that could be making you ill.

You can also consider matching nightstands, dressers, and other furniture items for your bedroom that are specifically designed to decrease the accumulation of dust in your bedroom. Getting a complete matched set of bedroom furniture designed with simplicity and health in mind can be the most affordable and prudent option.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of a hypoallergenic bedroom, let’s dive into the best mattresses for those with indoor allergies.

When it comes right down to it, the exterior of the mattress – that part exposed to the air – is the biggest factor in how your mattress can affect your allergies. The cheapest mattresses will not be hypoallergenic at all, and if you must get one due to your budget you should consider getting a mattress cover that can be pulled and washed once a week when you dust.

On the other hand, you can spend a small amount more and get mattresses that are less prone to harboring allergens and dust. Tight woven cotton and wool are not only durable, they effectively seal out dust and allergens, keeping them from becoming entwined with the bed.

The most hypoallergenic mattress options are latex and memory foam. Both of these types of mattresses are designed to keep out dust and allergens, making it easier to keep your bedroom clean and your sinuses healthy. However, latex, foam, or hybrid mattresses still need to be cleaned on a regular basis. While it is true that these high-quality mattresses are durable and resistant to dust mites, that doesn’t mean they won’t find their way in. Since mattresses need to be breathable, there are pores through which dust mites, bed bugs, or other pests and allergens can invade.

The honest truth of the matter is that there is no baseline for mattresses to be hypoallergenic. Your best bet is to get one of the high-quality, dust deterring mattresses mentioned above and maintain a strict once-a-week cleaning and dusting schedule for your bedroom.

You should also cover your mattress with a dust-proof cover that can both make the bed more comfortable and give you a way to easily keep it clean. A mattress cover can also help your bed last longer by protecting it from those same dust mites and allergens that you are already trying to avoid.

If you’re worried about being able to afford these hypoallergenic mattresses, look for quality mattress for sale online for the most options and the best deals.