Is CBD Legal in India? What You Need to Know

CBD is one of the hottest products in the world right now. While the use of cannabis has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, itís only been in recent times that CBD has become so sought after.

India has a history of cannabis use, but hasnít stopped people from wondering if CBD is legal here. With one of the biggest populations in the world, the people of India deserve to know if they can start benefiting from CBD.

So, is CBD legal in India? Hereís what you need to know.

History Of CBD In India

Before discussing anything further, itís important to go back to the beginning. 

In April 2017, the Indian government granted the Ministry of Health and Welfare the first license to grow industrialized hemp. Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister of Women and Child Development, suggested the legalization of medical marijuana and a week later, the license was granted. The reason for this was to expand research and development into the substance.

India felt like this was the right time to make the move after several other key nations had changed their legislation to incorporate industrialized hemp production. One of the reasons behind the move was so they would not be the last ones to benefit from the boom of the CBD market.

In fact, as we previously mentioned on SaveDelete, the people of India have been using CBD for a long time, going as far back to the Vedic era. In those days, CBD and cannabinoids were noted as one of natureís five most sacred plants.

In 1984, the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission determined that the use of CBD was ancient and for religious purposes. This was because many people at the time believed CBD had the power to support the bodyís wellbeing.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century and lawmakers, health experts and scientists are all working together with the Food Safety and Standards Authority to classify hemp as an agricultural commodity, a food item, and a health treatment. Other reasons for legalization of CBD include its ability to create soft yet strong, breathable fabrics.

In 2016, the Indiana government gave a select group of hemp growers certification to grow industrialized hemp, with the government being the only legal purchaser.

Researchers want to study CBD in more detail to explore its potential health benefits. As noted by Daily CBD Mag, these include epilepsy, cancer, certain rare genetic diseases and sickle-cell anemia, a condition that affects many people in India. If the tests show promising results, CBD could go on to be used as an effective, yet low-cost solution for the country to treat these conditions. The timing couldnít be better considering India is struggling with the financial strain caused by the inflated healthcare industry.

So now thatís covered, letís look at CBD in more detail.

Is CBD Oil legal in India?

The current legal state of CBD is as follows:

  • CBD oil made from hemp is legal and can be used across India. It must have a low concentration of THC.
  • Bhang, a drink made from cannabis, is also legal for consumption in India. However, there are certain regional restrictions in place.
  • The recreational use of cannabis is illegal in India.

Many Indian politicians have been pushing for the legalization of cannabis for a number of years. Despite their best efforts, the recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in the country, although Bhang, a drink made from cannabis, is allowed. It can be purchased at certain Hindu events like festivals, rituals and general practices.

Itís also important to note that the current laws with regards to cannabis mean that any CBD oil derived from cannabis and not industrialized hemp is illegal.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal In India?

CBD is only legal to buy, sell and use in India if it has been extracted from hemp. Further, they must have no more than 0.3% THC content (as noted by CBD Kyro staff, this is the same concentration restriction set out by the US) or it will be classed as a cannabis product and therefore illegal.

Can You Buy CBD Oil In India?

People of India can legally buy CBD oil as long as it comes from hemp. Make sure you do your research to see where it comes from, along with its THC content, before purchasing.

Are CBD Capsules Legal In India?

CBD capsules are legal in India as long as they are derived from hemp. CBD capsules are designed for taking orally and easy for swallowing, making them a great way to get your intake of CBD. They are very discreet, with each capsule containing a measured serving of CBD oil, making it easy to track how much you take.

Are CBD Cartridges Legal In India?

It is legal to buy CBD cartridges in India. CBD cartridges are a simple, quick way to consume CBD. They act so quickly that you will feel the effects of the CBD almost instantly as the vapor absorbs directly into your bloodstream from the lungs. They are easy to carry around too so you can take your CBD pretty much anywhere. CBD Cartridges for vaping contain CBD oil liquid that is specifically created to be used in an e-cigarette or vape. They act as a great alternative for smoking too.

Are CBD Edibles Legal In India?

CBD edibles made with hemp oil are legal for buying and for consumption in India. They are a great alternative way to take CBD and they donít take a lot of know-how to use them. The most efficient way to use edibles is along with a meal as they must pass through the digestive system. CBD for edibles takes longer for the body to process but the effects of the CBD will last for longer too.

Are CBD Gummies Legal In India?

Like edibles, CBD gummies are also legal in India. They are a fun way to get CBD into your diet. Take them at home or on the go. Each gummy has a specific measure of CBD oil so itís easy to know how much you take per serving.