Future of Work After COVID 19

Future of Work After COVID 19

Freedom. Do you know what is so common about freedom and a sudden storm? Well, both of them canít be seen or predicted until the final moments. Something that we canít see has been infesting us, keeping us locked inside our houses isolated from our relatives and friends. We are not happy, but we canít let this situation push us into uncertainty. We have lost our jobs, faced plenty of issues that depressed as well as surprised us. The prime question stands- Is there a future? If there is, what is the future of work after COVID 19?

Letís try and discuss our means to survive this blow rather than placing our heads on our hands and worrying.

What is Happening?

We have been it by an invisible enemy, COVID 19 a.k.a. Corona Virus. Well, this is a stubborn enemy and it is here to stay. It is true that we canít fight the dresses as of now, but someday we will have a treatment. The prime concern now is, we are still surviving and we need to keep rotating the finance wheel to generate income.

It is true that some of us have been broken down to the core, thinking what next. But, we have pushed through almost half of the year 2020, the time for sitting ideal has passed. Throughout history, human beings have fought many battles and won. Even today, we are capable of achieving every bit of the survivors will, only if we try.

The Future of Work After COVID 19

A lot of things that were normal have been canceled out as if they never existed. Zillion years into the future, yet we commoners couldnít perceive the terror that approached. But, that is history now. We have come across and we are ready to work, for building a steady economic wall that withstands any storm that approaches us.

What can you do to be future-ready?

  1. Follow the trend– Before you start investing yourself in learning something new, understand what will be best for you. If you are planning to restart your career in some other filed know which are the jobs that will be secure. Start looking for courses and internships to get yourself ready for a different environment.
  1. Accept the Reality– Many of you will have to leave your dream jobs and join new jobs that might overwhelm you. To avoid unnecessary embarrassment, choose a subject that interests you, and is close to your field. This will help you focus on your new job and motivate you to work.  

  2. Training yourself– Once you choose a topic you want to pursue invest your time into it and start learning. Upskilling yourself will help join new jobs. Invest your time completely on the subject that you are taking. Make sure that you thoroughly read about its market demand and follow up on the income you will get out of it.

An Unanticipated Change

The school structure has been too robust to be questioned and one had never imagined that such a need would arise so soon. By using this example, I indicate we are still unable to think ahead of this how will we move on?

Just like TED prize winner Prof Sugata Mitra, an educationist par excellence introduced an online teaching-learning platform called the ĎSchool in the Cloudí way back in 2013. Although the world saw merit in his ideas, it was far from getting integrated. Now, that we have walked into this pandemic many institutions asked for his assistance in setting up the online class.

This situation might have tensed us, but it has also opened the world to new possibilities. Start researching the new carriers and introduce yourself to the education you need. Manage your earnings and spending to survive this blow. You can start trading with anon software to earn online