7 Important Tips When Looking for a CBD Testing Laboratory

CBD Testing Laboratory

Many states now allow medicinal use of cannabis. This herbís medical importance has been proven and observed in patients. There are many companies today that are focused on producing high quality marijuana for medicinal use. For them to prescribe it to patients, it is necessary to be sure of the marijuanaís THC content. For this purpose, there are CBD testing laboratories. These facilities assess each type of marijuana and determine its potency. The results are used in assigning cannabis to specific patients. Therefore, it is crucial that they are accurate. Hence, it is necessary to pick a reliable testing lab.

Here are some tips to follow so as to achieve this.

1. Accreditation

A professional laboratory should be ISO 17025 accredited. This accreditation ensures that they use proficient testing methods. It also obliges the facility to join a niche organization of CBD labs around the country. By doing so, the facility can share its findings with the other labs and get tabulated based on the quality of its results.

2. Ultrasonic Extraction for sample acquisition

Two main elements of CBD testing include deeper analysis and quality control. These elements need to be maintained throughout the process. As such, the sample is usually extracted using Ultrasonic Extraction. This method releases the substances that are sought before they are subjected to analysis. After extraction, these samples undergo processes such as thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and gas chromatography (GC) among others.

3. They should deliver high performance analysis

A testing lab should implement high performance analysis so as to determine the potent cannabinoids in each sample. They should use quantitative determination after galenical preparation of the samples. A professional laboratory needs to be well equipped. As such, the CBD Testing Laboratory should have an effective system such as a UV detector combined with a chromatographic solution. It is selective and sensitive enough to point out the main cannabinoids and also indicate their percentages in the sample.

4. Their methods of analysis should be validated

A method thatís validated is one that has been taken through a rigorous process of testing so as to make sure that delivers accurate results repeatedly. This testing is performed over a period of several weeks. A reliable lab only uses validated methods. In this way, they can guarantee accuracy and dependability when interacting with samples from their clients.

5. Qualified staff

The base qualification for CBD lab scientists is a bachelorís degree. Those with this qualification can be employed as lab directors. However, the testers need to have extra, additional qualifications. Examples of these are degrees in chemical engineering and microbiology among others. With this level of skill and knowledge, they can perform the tests accurately and deliver reliable results.

6. The latest infrastructure

A good lab should have the latest infrastructure. This includes the equipment which it uses, the building and supporting structures as well. It should have health and safety mechanisms installed. This is because this type of lab contains a collection of dangerous chemicals. Therefore, it should be safe to work in and guarantee the safety of visitors as well as the samples of cannabis. Standard systems which should be installed are the automatic fire extinguishers, an effective ventilation system and cold storage of samples. The staff should also be provided with safety equipment such as lab coats, gloves and hazmat suits if necessary. The laboratory also needs to have a high-tech security system incorporating elements such as CCTV and sensor mechanisms as well.

7. Effective communications systems

A professional testing laboratory needs to have strategic, effective communications systems. These include stable Internet connectivity, functional phone lines and a web portal. This is because clients should be able to make calls to the lab and arrange testing. The lab should also have a sample delivery system. This is so that clients can send their samples through courier, get them tested and receive the results as well. By establishing this type of system, the lab can guarantee convenience for every testing job.

Marijuana is now used by many people as medicine. It can provide relief from intense symptoms of chronic diseases. It can also cure some ailments too. This herb requires testing so as to determine the level of THC before prescribing. This assessment is performed in a testing lab. The guidelines above can help you to choose the most effective lab for your sample!

Image Credits: CBD Testing Laboratory from HQuality /Shutterstock