Blackjack : 7 tips First-time Player Must Follow

Blackjack table is the centre of action whenever we watch a Bond movie. We merely awww the charismatic persona of Mr Bond having skills for the Blackjack.

Gambling, casino and all the glitz and glamour around it with the ultimate desire to win a Jackpot. The first time playing can be daunting. So it is crucial to have some essential tips to know and what to expect while playing.

Watching as many as a hundred times, gambling movies does not prepare you for the real play on the casino table. The aiming high with high stakes of action-packed Blackjack seems endless.

For playing the game you need a table, empty obviously, that too at one of the world’s most popular casino during peak hours, is very bleak. You will be most likely surrounded by gamblers who are all seasoned ones.
To make yourself comfortably placed among them for the challenge, you must follow seven tips for first-time to play blackjack online.

Basic Rules: Must sit with Blackjack knowledge

Differentiate between the concept of strategy and rules if you want to win real money in Blackjack. Each gambler plays on their approach, but rules apply to everyone sitting there beside you. Developing a Gaming strategy takes years of playing and varies from gambler to gambler. First-timers don’t need to worry about the approach.

You must research the game, thoroughly before sitting down at a table, even for your casual first. The rules are although straightforward and take a few minutes to understand before starting to gamble away your money. Complete unpreparedness may end up in a disaster. So, don’t come clueless and unprepared. Don’t mess up with energy, game’s flow, vibe and fortunes of the table.

Call yourself proudly: New to Blackjack

Don’t feel shameful to tell the dealer and tablemates of your status as a beginner at Blackjack. Always ask the dealer what “the book” means for the situation as they love newbie gamblers at their table win leading to higher tips. Admitting yourself as a naive leads to productive tete-e-tete with seniors in the business. Players help you win but before sliding money across the table, be honest with the co-players.

Take Position: Prefer the Middle

In Blackjack, the most critical table position seems to be the third base or the one who plays in the last. To avoid unnecessary stress of the assumption…. the person playing third determines the entire outcome for the rest of the tablemates…. Sit in the middle. Let seasoned gambler deal with the stress of the third.

Drinking is detrimental to the Blackjack : Too Much to be avoided

Appealing scenario … drinking a few beers, playing cards, enjoying your adulthood as a first- time blackjack player at a casino.

If you are unfamiliar with casinos strategy, get it cleared right now. Go easy on the hard drinks. Casinos want to take your money as their oh-so-obvious business goal. To shift the odds to their favour and to make you slightly off the game, they may offer free alcoholic beverages. Need to stay sharp at all times … counting and strategizing. So stay awake, stay safe.

Take Care: Tip your Dealer

Dealers love tips as a part of their income. With high stressed jobs and low hourly wages, most dealers wish for the generous tips given by the players sitting at the table. Unwritten rules of Blackjack. Nothing is doing … You play, You win, You lose.

Dealers have nothing to do with it. But make sure, you must shell out a good tip to the dealer as you rely on their suggestions, advice and instruction.
You may step up a bet with the dealer. More you win, Double the tip… sort of criteria will help you a lot.

Act Wise: Keep your Cool

Blackjack tables have gamblers who may be loud or braggadocious or aggressive or quick to blame or even who hardly say anything. It is hard to groove with such stereotypical players. Emotion, Big wins, excitement, Big losses .. a whole lot of the soul-crushing moments. Regardless of the outcome, keep your cool as a newbie in the game, all eyeballs are on you. Don’t make any silly mistake and provide a cause to judge the style of play. Stay strong.

Go with the flow: Don’t Over Think about Blackjack

Reason for Blackjack’s popularity is the easy-to-understand rules and giving the best odds of the gambling table. A best possible way to get entertained at the table of your choice. Come prepared, stick to basic strategy, Remain distressed, Don’t overthink …. Go as a winner.

First-time results may be a net loss but be too hard on yourself, chill out, don’t sweat, Keep the bets more on a conservative side, don’t put high stakes. . . .take a break to have a look at what the casino has to offer you in Blackjack.


If you don’t wish to get scared by the thought of gambling, Best is to have a plan, get to know the rules, and stick to a well-grounded strategy. Get comfortable with the sight and sounds and relax as everyone, around you, is on the same boat. Trust instincts and have tips from the dealer. It is a super fun place to be as a first-time Blackjack player to feel at home.