Top Fashion Bloggers who make Your Style Grace You!

Fashion Bloggers

“Fashion is armour to survive the reality of everyday life”. This age old quote makes the most sense in today’s social media times.  We don’t need a golden spoon to feed us the sense of style but a handful of fas hion blogger accounts. Some handy tips and you are ready to slay the day! The best thing is, most these highly acclaimed bloggers come from the normal life struggle.

Could we ask for a better personal touch?

In this article, we present a list of top 10 fashion bloggers in India.

  1. MissMalini

Fashion Bloggers1

She is the winner of Cosmopolitan Bloggers Awards 2018 and a well-acclaimed Bollywood celebrity blogger. Malini Agarwal started her fashion blog in 2008, which covers a comprehensive view of celebrity and Bollywood lifestyle. Her website MissMalini.com runs as an official partner of Lakme Fashion Week and many other signature fashion labels. The blog has even covered the recent Cape Town Fashion Week 2012.

  1. Santoshi Shetty

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Yes, who doesn’t know her and recently she won the title of Readers Choice Best Fashion Blog.  In the year 2017, she was the winner of Palladium Spotlight’s 2017 Fashion Blogger of the year. She pursued architect as studies and claims that, she used various such concepts in accentuating her style. She says, “In architecture school I have learnt to experiment with my spaces, this has also helped me immensely with my personal style. I have enjoyed playing with trends, colours, patterns and textures”.  In the year 2016, she was awarded as Cosmopolitan Blogger of the year 2016.

  1. Rhea Gupte

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Finally, a blog which does not seem so Indian. Yet, it spills all creative vibes with off-beat photography and writing excerpts. Rhea Gupte is a freelance art director and stylist, who lives her work like a poetry. She is based in Goa and has previously worked with prominent brands like IKKIVI. Every post is presented like a story on her blog, leaving viewers intrigued.

  1. Mitali & Summiyya

Fashion Bloggers4

Two young creators, who serve the followers with their contrasting point of views.

Mitali Sagar is an artist and studies fine arts in Indiana University. She believes in presenting herself like a beauty of peacock rather than carrying the dullness of a pigeon.

Summiyya Patni studies jewellery designing from Indian Institute of Jewellery. She has been designing from the age of sixteen.

Together, they manage to bring some extraordinary fashion shift of the era.

  1. AANAM

Fashion Bloggers5

She is a Bombay girl in her 20s. She pursued her studies in Mass Media and loves being a fashion enthusiast. On her blog, she likes to suggest her own style statements. That’s why; we get to see a lot of experiment on her blog. She calls herself a moody stylist, who doesn’t find mind stepping out underdressed many times. Her style manifests that, she is happy go lucky style diva. Her blog is more like a fashion and beauty blog. Recently, she won Fiama Best Beauty Blog Award.

  1. Kritika Khurana

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She is one of the most famous blogger amidst millennial. Also, her pace of success in the area has been quite remarkable. She pursued Fashion & Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Apart from full time blogging and signing paid internships with brands, runs her own label – K_Kritika.  She

  1. Aashna Shroff

Fashion Bloggers7

The editor and owner of “the snob journal”, Aashna is also running the online store called as ‘The Snob Shop’. She manifests the best of design, style and beauty in her blog. She is known for working with brands like Vero Moda, L’oreal, Nykaa, The Body Shop, Koovs and a lot more.

  1. Sejal Kumar

Fashion Bloggers8

She poses herself as a big admirer of Kendall Jenner’s style. Here, the interesting thing is, she is able to dissect Jenner’s overly expensive styling for an affordable and easily available style pieces. From a bull’s eye, she presents her followers with celebrity styling tips within the reach of H&M, Forever 21 and brands like that. A good pairing is important and not every brain is very quick in that!

She keeps her style mostly inspired by Kendall’s look. Her dedication even won her Best Vlog title for Cosmopolitan 2018.

  1. Akanksha Redhu

Fashion Bloggers9

She started somewhere in 2010 out of her quest to chase different ideas. She remained consistent with her creative expressions of fashion and style ideas. Voila! The next thing we see is a blog which is followed by thousands of style enthusiasts. She covers everything from authentic Indian clothing style to unique jewelry pieces. Her blog was voted as one of the most read and trendy blog by Economics Times.

  1. Devina Malhotra

Fashion Bloggers10

She owns the blog named as Guilty Bytes, read by thousands of people everyday. The blog is widely acclaimed as fashion blog but cover distinct niches such as food, beauty, brides, culture and Love-army (she wedded an army man!). She manifests her interest in writing and has previously written for known publications like Tehelka, Hindustan Times and many more. Guilty bytes’s food section is maintained by her husband and mum. If you would like to know more about her blog’s reach across various channels, Guilty Byte’s About Us section is full of that!


Fashion is evolving like never before in India. We see less of brand freak styling and more of personal comfort pursuit. Although, if we compare them to well-established world famous famous blogs, most of our Indian stylists need to be more rustic.

If you think we did justice with this listicle, follow us for more and never ending suggestions on Fashion in India. Our mission is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style!