How long do canvas Tote bags last?

canvas Tote bags

Due to their versatility of a canvas tote bag, they have become a common functional accessory to see. The reason for this is in part because they are easy to use and in part, they can easily be personalized to represent you, your company, or even bought from some big name brands. The fact that the tote bags can be bought at various sizes and dressed up or down depending on whats going on that day is exactly why a canvas bag is so popular with environmentally conscious consumers on the go. 

Tote bags are big, simple bags with large openings to carry many various items while running errands. Tote bags were first created in the 17th century but were not called totes, which means to carry, until the 1900s. Totes became popular in the United States after 1944, when an apparel company started making boat bags, which were made to carry ice during outdoor events. Tote bags come in various sizes and are made from various materials. A canvas tote bag is made from material woven from cotton or linen. This same material is used in the creation of sails, tents and even the base of paintings. The 1950s housewife is who made the tote bag popular while making it the most common accessory while running errands. Now, many stores have their own eco-friendly tote bags wholesale, you can see high-end totes on the runway, and the worldwide variety of totes can have literally anything printed on them to express yourself.

Although cotton or linen is the most common material used for creating totes, hemp is traditionally popular. Cotton comes from the cotton plant, linen comes from the flax plant, and hemp comes from the cannabis plant. Due to the flexibility of canvas and an easily applied waterproofing, canvas totes have become the most popular material. Any of these three materials are great for people who think eco-friendly since all come from plants and will reduce the production wastes.

When buying tote bags wholesale they usually come waterproofed. If you buy a cheaper bag or make your own at home they will not have a waterproof coating. Either way, youre going to want a waterproof tote to protect your items. You can easily waterproof your tote by waxing it. Just make sure you clean the bag prior to waxing it. Then use a brush to coat the warm wax onto the bag and then work the wax into the material and let it dry. If the bag is taken care of you should only need to reapply the wax once a year.

Canvas comes in 5 oz, 6 oz, 10 oz, or 12 oz material. 5 oz is the thinnest a used for the cheaper totes called cotton totes. These totes are usually used in grocery stores. The heavier and more durable bags are made with 10 oz canvas and 12 oz is usually reserved for fashion accessories like on the runway. When thinking about the size of the tote bag you will need just think of the largest item you will be carting around and add about two inches to it. Then base your decision off of that.

The life span of a canvas tote depends on the quality and care of the bag. Also, the light or heavy uses will be a factor too. A high-quality canvas bag, either 10 oz or 12 oz canvas, its life span can be about a year with daily heavy use. If it isnt used as often is used for lighter items, one bag can last over a year. On average a canvas or jute bag will last longer than a non-woven or a polyester tote no matter the quality of the canvas.
When it comes to buying a canvas tote bag, there are plenty of places to get one from. There are even companies that will create your own personal tote bag online. Many different retailers will allow customization of their totes online. As far as customization goes, you can use collegiate themes, classic monograms, company logos, sports memorabilia, or another option, such as added personal flair to your bag.

The totes being so versatile and customizable is part of the reason they have become so popular. A big reason why they used by so many is that they are eco-friendly. Not only are the totes biodegradable but the many reuses the totes allow cut down on the amount of plastic bags being used. Some common places totes can be found are at weddings holding goodie bags, grocery stores reusable totes, work such as a messenger, school instead of a backpack, carrying beach supplies during a beach day, and obviously daily use during your normal routine.

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