Homegrown beer brands of India To Fill Your Glasses With

1. Copter7

Copter7, launched by 7Ink Brews, comes in Copter7 Premium Strong and Copter7 Premium Lager. While Copter7 Strong is a malty amber lager with a mild toasty aroma and low bitterness levels, the Copter7 Premium Lager is a light, crisp beer meant for sultry summer afternoons. These beers are brewed locally with high-quality hops and malts in state-of-the-art facilities in Karnataka and Punjab.

2. Moonshine

One of the oldest alcoholic beverages globally, mead, is fermented honey water, and now Moonshine has got us this drink with its beautiful packaging. Moonshine has three flagship meads – the Apple Cyder Mead, Traditional Mead, and Coffee Mead. The best part is the ‘Meadlab Series,’ which includes unique, limited-edition releases such as the Chocolate Orange Mead, Guava Chilli Mead, and Mango Chilli Mead. Moonshine is available in Maharashtra and Goa.

3. Geist

Geist, a Bangalore-based craft brewery, launched in 2021 and is available only in Bangalore. Their variants are James Blond, Witty Wit, Silly Pint, Uncle Dunkel, and Kamacitra. James Bond deserves special attention as it has become one of the crowd’s favorites. It is malty and boozy with notes of banana, peach, banana, and stone fruit and finishes with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg notes.

4. Maka Di

It is a Goa-based brewery that is said to be better than European beers. Belgian Blanche, Honey Ale, Bavarian Kellerbier, and Belgian Tripel are the four currently available variants. The Belgian Blanche has a slight floral hop, and the Belgian yeast adds more body to this fantastic beer. It is available in Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

5. Susegado

It is from Goa; Susegado is one of those homegrown beer brands that sync with its brew place’s vibe. Offering draught beers since 2017, Susegado famously channels Goa’s laidback vibe and feel. Offering six variants in Dortmund Lager, English Ale, American IPA, Vanilla Porter, Tropical Wit, and Kokum Gosé, this beer is available only in Goa. Kokum Gosé is Susegado’s take on the German Goslar style with the sour and salty hit.

6. 7 Rivers Brewing Co.

Anheuser Busch InBev’s Indian unit surprised its customers when it launched its two local wheat beers in 2019, thus giving birth to the 7 Rivers Brewing Co. With its colorful and vibrant packaging, this homegrown beer brand soon became everyone’s favorite. It was featured in Instagram stories all around. It was launched with two variants, Machaa and Veere.

7. Beor 360

Brew King Beverages, Beor 360, and Artisanal craft beer were launched in Delhi in 2020. Lager and wheat beer are variants whose ingredients are imported worldwide, making them both homegrown and global. The lager beer is famous for its restrained malt notes of honey and bread, while the wheat beer is rich in subtle notes of clove, banana, orange peel, coriander, and chamomile.

8. Proost Beer

Grano69 Beverages helms Proost Beer is Delhi-based, launched in October 2017. The idea of making it arose due to the absence of good quality beer at an affordable price in the country.” Moreover, the Strong variant of Proost is made in Punjab, which makes this a genuinely homegrown beer brand, and it is true to its roots.

9. Bro Code

No introduction is needed for this homegrown beer brand to make to this list. Sort of a legend among all its contemporaries, this beer stays true to its name. With a significantly higher ABV than most other beer brands, this beer is all about the spirit of brotherhood. Launched by Indospirit Beverage in 2018, this beer comes in three variants- Witty Bro, Crafted Brut 10, and Crafted Brut 15.

10. Yavira

Yavira, a homegrown beer brand by Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, was launched in 2019. With a 6.2 percent ABV content, this beer is brewed with Basmati rice, making it a great pairing with all Indian spicy dishes. In addition, these are available in 500 ml bottles, unlike any other beer. So, you can enjoy more beer for the same price.

11. BeeYoung

Another beer that hails from the Kimaya Himalayan Beverages, BeeYoung, is more robust with a citrus base. Even though it barley comes from Argentina and the hops from Slovenia and the Czech Republic, this is a homegrown beer brewed in Patiala, Punjab. In contrast, the beer bottles and cans are manufactured in Maharashtra.

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