Does Netflix Have Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan

It’s official – after so many years, Attack on Titan is finally getting an ending. That announced probably has many of you wanting to re-watch the whole anime before you watch the final season. Can you do that on Netflix, though?

Well, some of you can. The others won’t be able to because the anime isn’t available in your country. We’ll explain what’s going on more in-depth in this article.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Attack on Titan’s Availability

It’s not global. As in, Netflix doesn’t broadcast this anime in every country it’s available. Licensing agreements are stopping them from doing that. Basically, they only bought rights for certain countries. So, they’re only legally allowed to stream Attack on Titan there.

Which countries, you ask?

We can use StreamCatcher to find out. It’s an online service that checks the availability of all the Netflix titles on the platform. According to it, you can watch the anime in the following countries right now:

  • The US
  • South Korea
  • France
  • Japan
  • The UK
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Keep in mind that only Japan, South Korea, and Italy have access to all the seasons.

Oh yeah, and please remember that StreamCatcher’s list of countries might change from time to time. The tool receives regular updates. As it finds out the anime is available in other countries too, it will add them to the list.

How to Unblock Attack on Titan on Netflix

By far the easiest way to do that is with a VPN. It hides your IP address, effectively preventing Netflix from seeing your geo-location. Without being able to pinpoint where you are in the world, the site won’t restrict your access to the anime with geo-blocks anymore.

As long as you use the right VPN service and server, that is. Not every VPN can unblock Netflix. Similarly, connecting to a random VPN server won’t guarantee you can watch the anime. You need to use one that’s in a country where Attack on Titan is available.

Based on our tests, we can proudly recommend the following VPNs: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN. We were always able to unblock this anime on Netflix with these services. Not to mention we got pretty fast speeds too.

We can also say for certain that using a Japanese or South Korea server is the best option. We were able to unblock all the seasons without any issues with them.

How to Watch Attack on Titan on Netflix with a VPN

Looking for a step-by-step guide? Here’s what you need to do to start enjoying the anime right now:

  1. Subscribe to one of the VPNs we mentioned above.
  2. Download and install one (or more) of their apps.
  3. Use the VPN app to connect to a Japanese or South Korea server.
  4. Head to Netflix and start binging this awesome anime!

Here’s a screenshot that proves this method works. We used a Japanese server from NordVPN to watch an episode of the final season of Attack on Titan without any issues.

If you’re wondering why the server’s IP isn’t showing, it’s because we removed it from the photo. We don’t want Netflix somehow coming across this screenshot, and using it to block that VPN server.

Can You Also Unblock the Rest of the Attack on Titan Anime with a VPN?

Besides the anime, there are a couple of movies you can watch. And yes, you can unblock them all with a VPN. We used StreamCatcher to see where they’re available, and then tested those claims with NordVPN. We’re happy to say we had no trouble unblocking them all.

Here’s a quick list of where each title is available:

  • Attack on Titan: Crimson Bow and Arrow – Japan
  • Attack on Titan: Part 1 – Japan, South Korea
  • Attack on Titan: Part 2 – Japan, South Korea
  • Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening – South Korea
  • Attack on Titan: The Wings of Freedom – Japan

Just keep in mind these movies don’t exactly bring anything new to the table. Attack on Titan: Part 1 and Attack on Titan: Part 2 are basically live-action adaptations of the first season. And the rest of the movies on the list are just movie recaps of most of the series.

Is It True You Can Unblock Attack on Titan with a VPS?

Yes, you can actually do that. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it’s what most VPN providers use when they can’t afford to run bare-metal servers.

You just need to rent a VPS in a country where Attack on Titan is available, and use it to browse Netflix. The site will think your traffic is coming from the VPS, so it will associate it with a whitelisted geo-location.

But keep in mind you’re better off with a VPN instead of a VPS. It’s usually much cheaper and easier to use. Plus, you don’t need to deal with any complicated setups. With a VPN, you just spend a few seconds downloading and installing the app, and that’s it. A VPS might require a bigger time investment – especially if you need to read lengthy guides.

Also, consider this: If Netflix blocks the VPN server you’re using, you can just switch to the next one that’s in the same country. But if the site blocks your VPS, you’ll have to try getting a new IP or will need to rent a new VPS.

Similarly, if you want to unblock Netflix titles from other countries, you can easily do so with a VPN. With a VPS, however, you’ll need to rent other servers from different regions. Safe to say, that won’t be cheap.

Is Attack on Titan Available in Your Country?

If not, what unblocking method did you use? Did VPNs work well for you, or did you try other services? Also, if the anime isn’t available on Netflix where you live, what other streaming platforms can you watch it on? Please let us know in the comments below.