Web Design Trends 2018

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Anyone can design and develop a website, but the truth remains that not everyone can make a website flicker and sparkle. To create an astonishing website, you will need: a sturdy website builder tool that is right for your project, and you also need to aim at discovering the latest design trends to ensure your site receives the tremendous amount of love and awareness it deserves. With the immense increase in the use of internet and network technologies, internet habits and web design trends are regularly changing. Hence, to keep you posted with the latest trends used in creating a website, we have taken out time to put together some of the web design trends to look out for. These will ensure you create eye-catchy and highly-responsive websites.

Restructure Typography

Typography is one of the essential branding tools used in creating a website. It plays a vital role in blending multiple font types. However, in 2018, it has been restructured to also play a vital role in blending images of different sizes in addition to combining fonts of different sizes. This will ensure your pictures and texts are appropriately aligned and situated within their properties.

You should consider:

  • Choosing the right spacing and weight suitable for your website
  • Broken up spacing words
  • Cohabitate two or more font families to create a unique display of your words

Irrespective of whatever you do, kindly desist from mixing fonts in paragraphs or posts where readability is pretty essential as this could easily discourage your potential visitors.

Incorporate decorative details

Over the years, websites have been designed with simplicity making it quite clean and easy for visitors to have a feel of it. But it’s high time we created sites more decoratively and engagingly, therefore this 2018, you should be building websites with more decorative details. These details will be in the form of geometric shapes and icons with the sole purpose of creating a more graphical user interface website. Despite how important this is, it is always essential to ensure that these decorations are in moderation. The best bet is to use these icons and shapes to add more details to your website and not to distract your viewers.

Break the Layout rules

Most trending websites have progressively changed their users’ browsing habits. In regard to navigation: moving it along the top of your website is pretty cool, but you could also try being more creative by uniquely floating it the left or right axis. When properly done, your website will be overflowing with original style, thereby attracting more users to your website. Regarding the design aspect, you could think of some unique, stylish layouts, just think out of the box. You could think along the lines of an editorial magazine. A good number of popular sites make use of such designs, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea incorporating such layout into your website design. This will create more freedom with sizes and page alignment, enable you to cohabitate a couple of texts, videos, and images together. However, avoid making your layout difficult for users to navigate through your website.

Integrate Some Animation

Although it might not be innovative for web builders to incorporate animation while creating a website, incorporating animations in a creative and catchy way, will certainly increase your visitors stay on your website. For instance, you could transition between pages, animate your mouse over effect, and animate certain elements. However, ensure you make use of this wisely and gracefully else your website might take a longer period to load.

Videos and 3D effects

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of videos and 3D effects. Incorporating this into your website is yet another great way to display and sell your goods and services visually. Users will not only have a feel of what your website entails but will also be entertained by these effects and videos. Be sure to get your users intrigued right from the onset. Even though videos and 3D effects could be pretty helpful in the creation of websites, ensure you place your visual contents properly with your video placed in such a way that your brand’s messages are properly displayed.

Experiment with colors

Choosing the right colors to use while creating a website is of adequate importance. There are lots of colors to choose from both the monochromatic and pastel palettes. You could experiment with some of these colors to have a feel. Solid colors are sexy and cute to use. However, ultraviolet seems to be making waves this 2018, and it would be nice to stylishly, and professionally incorporate it into your page. Irrespective of the color you intend settling for, ensure it blends with the purpose of the website you are creating.

With so many fantastic design opportunities, choosing the right platform for your website is becoming more and more crucial for its success. We recommend you compare the different platform and decide which website builder is the best for you.