Newsletter Design Inspiration | 50+ Creative Example & Ideas

An email newsletter is an important tool for a graphic design business. It’s a great way to share the kind of work you do and possibly seeking. An email newsletter is a robust communication and marketing tool which has various handy functions-it lets users know about your products and helps you build a strong and unique relationship with them.

Users will love your email newsletters if they have a strong value. The basic rule for creating an email newsletter is to make it relevant, interesting and informative in the eyes of the reader. This post touches upon the 50 most creative email newsletter. By going through them you can have a better sense of the problems to be avoided and great design decisions which you need to make.

1.Elizabeth Davis

This newsletter design idea is tremendously attractive and alluring with the usage of some catchy colors. In addition, the newsletter begins with an attractive tagline.

2. Pure

 3. Freshbooks

 4. eMag

This newsletter design example has a bright color along with the presence of black color which makes it eye-grabbing. The placement of call-to-action buttons can be easily noticed.

5. Aiden

 6. With Associates

With Associates is a London-based digital marketing agency with a simple newsletter design ideas which is eye-catching. A unique thing about this design is the logo which rotates through icons.

7. Heroes Over Europe

This is an excellent design which stands out from other simple designs.

8. Corp

 9. Smithsonian

The effort of Smithsonian to showcase a design talk event has a great header image with clear venue along with details of the date.

10. Percept Brand Design

This newsletter has been designed with a great focus on the audience and this is why it has successfully drawn the attention of potential customers.

11. Appromote

 12. Native Shoes

This design shows that simplicity can sometimes be eye-catching. It has an attractive typography and alluring photographs.

13. Michael Kors

 14. Shift

 15. Lole

 16. Limes Farm

 17. Micine

 18. Style Campaign

 19. Disney Pixar

This newsletter design inspiration will please those having a penchant for animated movies. Besides the design, the newsletter’s message speaks volumes.

20. Panorama

 21. Charlie Pratt

This template is two years old-however, it’s still working wonders.

22. ScrapBlog

Apart from being appealing, this newsletter also informs its audience about its subject.

23. B&M

 24. Budnitz Bicycles

 25. Icon Inc

This newsletter has an innovative approach and matches the tagline-Your Creative Partner.

26. Folio

 27. Fiasco Design

 28. Dress up Diana

 29. Magnetiq

 30. Jetsetter

This has a clear, clean design and includes a comprehensive view of its services, benefits and options for its users.

31.Paul Frank Industries

 32. Papir

 33. TeamWorx

This is an email with a list of the latest retail jobs. It’s strong and great design will surely leave you captivated.

34. IrelandHotels

This design is simply outstanding and will immediately grab the attention of the audience.

35. ProductMail

 36. Tenderstem

 37. Splinter Cell

 38. Wallaby

 39. Storied

The creators of this design strongly believe that faces can make a solid impression on the audience. The design is simple, yet elegant in black and white.

40. East London Design Show

 41. Litta

 42. Eroi

Eroi adopts various styles each month to customize the style and illustration of their emails.

43. Glasshouse

 44. Note

 45. Litmus

 46. Cafe Diario

 47. Fiorly

 48. Icebreaker

 49. iStockPhoto

 50. Steve and Co