18 Icon Search Engines to Find High Quality Free Icons

Look to add icons to your design, here in this article you will more than fifteen icon search engines that find high-quality icons in a blink of an eye.

Icons are always been an important part of any web design or creating awesome web applications. Icons can be used for various purposes on web design projects, creating favicons and software employed in Windows or Mac PC.

There are various ways to create icons – one of the easiest way that most of the web designers and developers use is to create icons with the help of Icon editors. Icons editors help to create and edit icons with an ability to replace default or system icons.

We have also covered a list of best free icon editors in the past that you can check to create professional looking icons.

However, if you are a lazy person like me and don’t want to give time for creating icons, you will end up searching icons on the internet. Moreover, believe me, there are many places where you can get creative and high-quality icons free of charge.

On The Internet, there are various search engines where you can quickly find good quality and free icons. This article is also focused on best free icon search engines to make your job somewhat easy.

These icon search engines surely help you to find good icons and save your valuable time that you can spend on your project to make it more creative.

So, have a look on SaveDelete.com’s compilation of 18 good search engines for designers to find high-quality free icons.

1. Icon Library

2. EasyIconFinder

3. Netvue

4. Webshots

5. Photobucket

6. Getty Images

7. Corbis

8. Very Icon

9. IconsPedia

10. IconFinder

11. IconSeeker

12. Icon Search

13. Challenger IconDB

14. FindIcons


16. Iconlet

17. Free Icons Web

18. Mr. Icons

We will be adding more to this list, and do tell us your favorites in the comment section below. What ways do you prefer while searching for a icon on the web. Finally remember to check proper attribution of every icon set before using it for any personal or business project.