Top 10 Free Open-source Social Networking Software To Make Your Network More Powerful

Social Networking is becoming more and more popular and shrinking the whole world into the power of web. You can chat, talk and see any of your friend or family member no matter how far you are from them.

There are many social networking sites that are floating on the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn are few sites that are most popular these days. There are millions of users those spend time on these sites updating their status, chatting with friends and family persons, uploading their favorite photos and much more.

While there are many who uses the social networking sites but also are many who build such websites. Many of theentrepreneurs out there know the power of social networking sites and uses it to make business ever growing.

So, here is the list of Top 10 free open-source social networking to make your social network more powerful in no time.

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1. Sourceforge

2. Mugshot

3. Elgg

4. Xoops with Yogurt extension

5. BuddyPress

6. Mahara

7. Kickapps

8. Insoshi

9. Lovd by Less

10. Anahita Social Engine

Bonus Best Free Open-source Social Networking software

11. Mixxt


If you are using any other Social Networking Software to built a site than please share with us in comments.

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