13 Essential Useful Blogging Tips For A Newbie Blogger

Weblog or you can say We Blog craze is ever increasing and in the recent times has mounted up to pretty high level! Weblog is your personal web space where you can write your mind out. Choose the topic and start writing itís as simple as that particularly in the case when you are blogging for your personal interest without any desire of monetary gain.

Now, the question arises as to what level of difficulty one has to face when blogging to increase the readership and traffic? I agree to some extent that itís not too easy but not impossible either. While starting the blog one has so many questions that keep springing in the mind but itís just the matter of giving it a kick start and blog with passion. Within no time, you will realize that your zeal for giving words to your ideas has made you a successful blogger.

Blogging has made it possible for millions of people to get their voices heard which otherwise remains unheard. But then there are the business-minded people who weblog to bring in a little extra cash too. To make your blog a success, you actually need to devote attention and time to your blog.

Well, my write-up is dedicated to the newbies who are passionate about writing and planning blogging and make some money out of it. If you’re interested in blogging for bucks along with interest in writing, then here are the quick sure short tips and tricks that will help you turn your blog into a moneymaker along with providing you the platform for giving words to your ideas.

1) Research : If youíre a newbie, you surely donít have much idea about the blogging world. Donít just start with the vague idea. The first and the foremost step for entering the blogosphere is to get the clear idea of blogging. Itís indeed a time consuming task to do the research work but worth it! Know well, about the blogging, make well research of the market before you proceed further and go ahead only if you have actually taken the first step cautiously.

2) Choosing the right niche and knowing your target audience : The second step in creating the blog is to choose the right niche for your blog. Set your goal! Be very particular about what you want your blog to include. Some people consider writing on various topics in their blog which definitely is not wise thinking. One needs to be particular and go in one particular direction. Do quite a bit of brain storming and ask yourself who would you like to target (target audience) and choose the right niche for your blog.

3) Choosing the right domain name : Next step would definitely as understood would be selection of right domain name that would actually give the readers a quick idea of as to what could be expected. The niche of your blog and the domain name should match well. Like itís said that face is the mirror of oneís heart, so is the domain name, it should be easy to pronounce and remember. Try getting .com, .org and .net in your domains.

4) Reader-friendly blog design : Blog design a great role in the success of any blog. Many people prefer wordpress for their blog but then there are few others who prefer getting their blogs designed for miscellaneous reasons. Whatever is your choice, make sure the blog design is reader friendly. It should be easy to navigate and should include all important pages. Check out ďTop 10 Most Important Pages Every Blog Or Website Should HaveĒ.

5) Blogging strategy : Plan out your work! You should have the clear idea about the posting on the blog. Scheduled work helps. Make the blogging strategy like how much articles would be posted on the blog, how much time would you spend in final publishing and marketing. Believe me, it helps!

6) Content quality : Original, interesting and easy to understand content helps increase the readership. While writing, readers should be kept in mind. No wonder many factors contribute in making the blog successful but content is one thing that is and will always be the foremost thing that indeed helps in increasing the readership and traffic of the blog raises in no time. Write for readers.

7) SEO-friendly Theme : ĎSEOí-Search Engine Optimization helps you increase the page rank of your blog. Itís for this reason that SEO is given due credibility. Using the SEO friendly theme and proper header tags will help you a great deal. Keyword-rich content brings good traffic.

8 ) Guest Posting : It might sound wastage of time that too when your blog deserves good amount of time but itís not. Writing a guest post on the blogs similar to your blog niche will help people know about you and your blog. Guest posting helps you get the royalty thereby helping your blog get noticed which directly affects the traffic of your blog.

9) Comments : Write in such a way so as to get your reader involved. Ask your readers to drop in their comments. Itís not always that the readersí comment will be positive, many a times you get the negative comments. The best way to deal with such comments is taking them as Ďconstructive criticismí which will help you improve your content quality and generate best write-ups in future. Besides this, you should reply to the comments too!

10) Consistent blogging: Once you have started generating the read-worthy content, the probability that the readers would bookmark your blog and check it on regular basis is quite high. If youíre not consistent then deleting your blog from the bookmark list wonít take much time of reader. Update your blog regularly and provide reliable information to make your blog worth checking out.

11) Social Networking: Itís not just the content that demands attention; you need to spread the word around. Search engines help to a great extent in generating traffic. But, then until you spread the word and let people know about your blog, your efforts would go unnoticed. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon, to enjoy good traffic.

12) Patience: You canít expect to earn as soon you open up the blog. Rome was not built in a day! You need to have patience and devote great amount of time to expect earning from the blog. If you work with immense dedication, you are sure to make pretty good amount in some time indeed not that early.

13) Blogging with passion: Last but not the least, blog with passion! Donít take it as a burden. If you donít write with the zeal and write just for the heck of it, you will never succeed in your endeavor. Take interest in writing, in-fact enjoy it!

To conclude, I would say blog for fun even if you want to do it for money making. I hope the tips listed above will help you create your blog and succeed in your endeavor. So, whatís the wait for? Follow the tips and start giving words to your ideas. Write your mind out. Happy blogging!