How To Provide Good Hosting And Domain


The increasing need for websites lately, causing many emerging providers who offer hosting and domain services with the best service guarantee. Hosting is a disk space that is laughed at to store your web data so that your web will be easy to access different with the mobile app, for example M88 Mobile, it doesn’t need the webhosting or domain name.

While the domain is the name of your website, usually the name is specific and only owned by you. The need for domain and hosting to support your website can be important or not. If your web is only for your personal needs, it could be hosting and domains have no effect.

But if the website you create is for business purposes, hosting and domain functions become very important in order to support your web work to get visitors as much as possible for example M88 Mobile has its own website for people who want to surf to its website via PC. You can get hosting and domain for free at provider of free hosting provider and domain in Indonesia.


Websites with unique domains for example M88 Mobile has its domain M88.com and in accordance with the name of the website you manage must have its own added value for the visitors. Domain likened to the name of the store if you as a seller, with a unique name certainly allows visitors to remember your web name so they will not have difficulty accessing your website.

Hosting as a data storage media on your website is needed so that your website can be accessed quickly and does not eat a long loading. Websites that are old loading may be due to too much data stored in the website. Therefore to ease the work of the website, having hosting is indispensable. Many free hosting providers and domains in Indonesia that you can certainly choose to adjust to the needs of websites that you manage.

Providers of free hosting and domain providers in Indonesia quite a lot. Hosting and free domain certainly very profitable for you especially for beginners who still do not need a lot of hosting and domain usability. Because it is free, certainly many shortcomings that are owned compared to hosting and domain paid. One is the limitations of existing features and the amount of disk space is limited.

If you use paid hosting will be guaranteed the server will be fast so you will easily access the website. But if you use free hosting, in addition to the data you can save the limited size does not also guarantee your website server will be quickly accessed. This is because many features are not owned by free hosting that works to facilitate your work in managing your website.