All you need to know about WordPress Hosting


Since its introduction in 2003, WordPress is most famous blogging software available in the market which is powering almost one-third of total websites on the known web. It has established itself as the best content management system or CMS of choice.

The professional-type software which is combined with its inherent flexibility, as well as ease of use, has made it into one of the most popular ones among the developers as well as complete beginners.

A CMS or content management system is essentially a user interface application which is used to upload, manage and edit content on a particular website without making any changes to the code. If you plan to add any particular page to your website, this is where you need to simply log in and then follow certain simple steps to do that task. WordPress is powering millions of websites, and there isnít any prediction that when its popularity will end and we have explored some of its varied issues corresponding to hosting with WordPress.

What makes WordPress popular?

There are certain reasons which make WordPress so much popular. They are:

  1. It is quite reasonably easy for the complete beginners.
  2. It is widely supported.
  3. It is quite easy to learn.
  4. It is a completely open source.
  5. It is quite flexible.
  6. It is very powerful and in comparison with different enterprise level CMSs.

So, when it is about selecting the right web hosting to host the WordPress site, make sure that you indulge in finding a reliable, reputable and responsive web hosting service and the web hosting package must have the following, also checkout the detailed tutorial on how to start a blog.

  1. Linux Server- Most of the hosting companies allow the customers to choose between Windows and Linux. It is recommended that you go for Linux. It is compatible with different development languages. If you are planning to utilize Windows-specific applications, then you should go for Windows hosting.
  2. cPanel- Without having a control panel, you will need to rely on the web hosting service for making even basic changes. This is not an ideal situation. cPanle is an easy to utilize system which even non-professionals can easily use in order to customize their websites.
  3. PHP support- PHP is essentially a server-side scripting language for the purpose of web development, and it is also utilized for general purpose programming.
  4. LAMP- As a solution, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP or LAMP is utilized for creating dynamic applications and websites. Some of its components are essentially interchangeable, but it is quite generally found in this particular configuration.
  5. MySQL database- MySQL is essentially an open source relational database system which is a central and core component of the LAMP open source web application stack of software.

WordPress- Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers

Unless you are going for a private as well as a dedicated server for the hosting purpose of your website, it is recommended that you choose a shared hosting plan to start with. It keeps the entire costs low as well as it is adequate for most of the small business websites. However, if you are having a high volume of traffic, then shared hosting plan isnít right for you. Traffic spikes can essentially overload the capacity of any shared hosting account, especially when the website has a lot of plugins or even a badly designed theme. If your website has a moderate to high volume of traffic with periodical spikes in traffic, then you should consider VPS.

Also, if you are running a particular website for your business, for instance, small business, e-commerce website etc. then it is essential to have a well-functioning machine which is always running smoothly and remains up. In case the website crashes on a frequent basis or doesnít even load quickly, then you can lose money since the visitors will go to some other websites which have better performance.

WordPress- Managed Hosting

In case you are thinking of VPS, then we recommended that you go for a managed WordPress hosting service since they specialize in WordPress and can also deliver better performance than any of the VPS.

If you are running a business which has a lot of traffic, then you will want to have a managed hosting package for that purpose. When you choose a particular managed WordPress hosting service, they will actually be handling all of the tasks in the backend which are associated with the WordPress powered website of yours. They focus on what they are best at doing so that you can focus on the things where you are best. Along with this, they offer WordPress related knowledge as well as expertise. This special service allows them to considerably focus on things like security, WordPress performance, optimization as well as other necessary and important services related to WordPress.