7 Apps That Make Student’s Life Easier


Students are the most tech-savvy users and sometimes, it seems they even sleep with their smartphones. Mobile devices are the main tools for them allowing to get in touch with friends, relatives, teachers, play games or post images on the social networking sites. Even so, except for distracting, smartphones can accomplish a function of learning. Otherwise stated, they can help you enhance your productivity, improve grades and learn faster.In this review, weíll discern about the best software products for collegers. All tools, mentioned in this review are must-have products for any student studying at the university or college.




This app is a number one tool for those academicians who donít want to make notes at lectures. Not all students can be concentrated during lectures because sometimes, they are overwhelmed with other tasks or think of some other important events. As a result, it is so easy to miss a crucially important detail. Even if you fall asleep during a lecture, the app wonít let you miss anything. When you have time to study and hear a course of lectures, you should open SoundNote, find this track and play it once again.A few years ago, many students wished to have this tool. Nevertheless, they were made to write down every professorís word. Today, you can just switch on the app and enjoy your lectures at any time convenient for you!


Searching for the biggest studentsí community? StudyBlue is what you really need! It is not just a simple app which performs one function. StudyBlue is an extensive library offering more than 400 million flashcards and useful study manuals which can enhance the productivity of academicians.If you canít understand one or another subject area, you can use the digital study materials offered by this resource. You can also do this being anywhere in the world. You shouldnít carry a bunch of books with you Ė your smartphone and the Internet connection are enough!All digital study techniques offered by this app make the learning process faster and more efficient. Alternatively stated, this program is the best tool for those who wish to become A-level students.




Even if you are going to become a software developer or engineer, it doesnít hurt to improve your language skills. If you adore traveling, this skill will be useful for you. Duolingo is the best app, allowing you to meet this challenge!It is an absolutely free app which enables you to study a number of foreign languages on the go. It can be French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and a number of others. There are several levels and you can pick up the one which meets your demands and interests. You can either memorize new words, word combinations or improve your grammar skills!


This app is not for studying math, biology, linguistics or other popular subject areas. This app is for those who wish to know inside out the financial literacy. Commonly, students are on a budget and simply canít spend like a drunken sailor. This tool will help you understand what products or services you spend money on. This is a powerful saving application which can be linked to your bank account. As a result, youíll receive constant notification and will know how much you spend every day.The app is compatible with both iOS and Android-based devices.



This tool is for those who have a busy schedule and simply canít keep all activities in mind. By downloading TimeTable on your mobile device, youíll be able to control your university life. You just need to enter data into the app and it will create your own timetable. As a result, youíll never forget about the upcoming exams, tests, events, parties, etc. Even if you forget to mute your device, the app will do this for you!TimeTable is a great tool for goal-oriented students who wish to control every sector of their lives.

Circle of Six

Originally, this software product was developed specifically for the needs of collegers. Its overarching aim is to protect them from sexual violence. You and your friends or parents need to have this app installed on their devices. As a result, all members of this group will see where each person is located at the moment. If you canít get home at night, you just need to open the app and tell others about your location.The app is very easy to use and allows academicians to prevent violence (especially if you live in a high-crime area).


Students frequently deal with absolutely different assignments and one of them is research paper writing. If you wish to avoid all issues related to plagiarism, you need to cite all resources correctly. Sometimes, this task is a real headache and takes even more time than writing! RedMe is a free tool which can help you simplify this task. It allows you to write all citations correctly. To do this, you just need to scan the barcode of a book and the app will generate the citation for you.In current times, there is a myriad of great online tools for academicians. Some of them can help you save cash, the other part of them allows you to enhance productivity or do some tasks faster. You just need to pick up the ones that meet your requirements and enjoy their functionality!