The Greatest Fictional Bears To Dress Up As

Fictional Bears

Bear costumes seem to be all the rage right now. However, dressing up as just any old bear can be a bit boring. There are a lot of fictional bears that you can model your costume after. Some are dumb, some are friendly, some save forests, and some kick some serious butt too. If you need a good bear costume idea, these 5 bears are great places to start.

1. Winnie The Pooh

When it comes to bear costumes, there is probably nothing better to go with than a Winnie The Pooh Costume. This dazed, lazy, confused, and honey obsessed cartoon bear has been around since the 1920s and remains a strong children’s cartoon icon today. Disney pumped out tons of TV shows and movies about this little, not-so-smart bear, and they were hugely popular. Your kids might really love dressing up as him.

2. Smokey The Bear

Ironically enough, even though his name includes the word “smokey”, Smokey The Bear was actually a cartoon poster boy fighting forest fires. Just recently, he turned 70 years old. He was always and still is on the forefront of forest fire prevention. Go into any national forest in the USA, and you will see posters of this guy, reminding you not to burn the place to the ground. In terms of easy to replicate bear costumes, he is one of the easiest. Bear costume aside, all you need is a ranger’s hat and some pants.

3. Iorek Byrnison

If you have seen The Golden Compass, you will be familiar with this particular bear. This huge armor clad polar bear might not have been too friendly in the beginning, but he quickly makes friends with the movie’s protagonist to protect her from harm. Voiced by the legendary Ian mcKellen, this recent fictional bear is definitely one of the more intimidating ones. One thing to keep in mind here is that for this bear costume to work, you will need to either find or create some armor, as that is the defining feature of this animal.

4. TED

If you are thinking of bear costumes, but don’t want to dress up as some lame firefighting bear, or a dumb honey hungry bear, dressing up as TED might be the best way to go. This recent hit film starred a drunken, high, and prostitute driven bear that just didn’t want to do anything but have fun. Seth MacFarlane voices TED as he goes on his dazed adventure with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. He is definitely one of the more fun and entertaining bear costumes to go with. Perfect for adults and easy to recreate, TED is a great choice to keep in mind.

5. Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear might not have started out with his own TV show, but shortly after debuting on the Huckleberry Hound Show, he quickly rose through the ranks of stardom. In terms of easy to replicate bear costumes, this is definitely one of the easier ones to do. As long as you have some kind of bear outfit, all you really need is a green fedora, a white collar, and a pea-green neck tie.

Best Fictional Bear Costumes

There are tons of other fictional bears to go with, but when it comes to the most popular ones, these 5 definitely take the cake. They shouldn’t be too hard to recreate and you will get compliments all night long!