Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Blogging tips is one of my favorite topic to write on, as I have been blogging since 2009 professionally, I have facedmany problems and hence I have some of my self made tips that can help newbie bloggers.

The hardest part of blogging is writing content, choosing a niche and building presence, it takes lots of time, energy and patience.

With millions of blog today it is easy to get shadowed if you cannot market your content. Even if your writing skills are supreme, you need to be the best content marketer to run a successful blog that earns.

Blogging in these days have numerous benefits, it is something that can fetch jobs, make you popular and earn tons of cash so that you can build your empire.It’s fun to blog and easy to earn money (if done correctly from start)

To build that empire you need to work hard, you need to have a plan, and that is where these blogging tips for beginners will help you go through those tough times.

Here are few tips that you should apply in your beginning.

Find something you’re passionate about

The only way to succeed in blogging is to be passionate about a topic. The time you find your real passion, you will notice how easy it is to blog.

Revenue will be generated in time, don’t blog only because you want to make money. So a topic on which you can write daily can make your blog stronger and longer.


Asking yourself questions like – Why are you starting a blog? Alternatively, What do you want to achieve by doing this? Will make your way easier.

Choosing a niche is important, you need to be an expert in this competitive world. The more specific you blog about, the more results you will get.

Try solving problems withyour niche. By this, you will make more money. Build a subscriber list that can give you a long term benefit.

Treating your audience in a way to solve a problem and digging deep into a topic will only make your presence felt. People will love to follow you if you build trust.

Select an appropriate Domain name

A domain name will be attached to you, so it has to be unique, easy to spell, concise and memorable.

domain name

It is hard to find a perfect domain name, but at least you can make it look good. Try to choose a domain that can be a brand someday. A brand can be your name, still it is all that matters to you.

Make a tagline and description that is attractive and which communicates about your blog and niche. Although both can be changed later, it should always convey your message to the primary audience.

Choosing web host, theme and plugins

If you are serious about blogging, avoid free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.com. Use a self-hosted blog.

Several web hosting reviews can be found online providing plenty of services in just about few dollars a month.


Pick a theme for your site that is a visual treat for your visitors, design of any blog can play a significant role for making loyal readers. Don’t overdo, keep it simple and whenever you start showing ads keep it minimal.

Adding plugins that can help your blog in growing are also essential. Plugins like Akismet is the highly recommended addon for spam prevention. Other important plugins like Google XML sitemap, Caching (WP Super Cache) and Analytics code for Google are few add-ons that can help you grow. We will discuss each of these someday.

Strategize you Content, Monetize, Build Traffic

Making a content strategy can help you build authority and trust, so consider asking yourself about – kind of content, publishing days and time, how will you produce content, Using new content for old content, growing business with your content.


Build a list of subscribers, offer them goodies over mail, build rapport and trust so that they follow you for ages. Use a solid email marketing service like Aweber, GetResponse.They are not free but, it is worth using them as your aim is to build a list of people that trust you.

Think about how you want to make money with your blog, you have options for setting up Adsense, Selling stuff with Affiliates. Choose method to monetize your blog.

Getting traffic can be a daunting task, select two or three methods at once to apply and see the results. Methods that works are Blog commenting, Forum posting, Guest Blogging and Social Bookmarking. Everything will be explained in our future articles.

Reach more people by helping them via comments and forums. Everyone is looking for some kind to help, and if your blog niche is related to that, then you should help that person.

dont give up

That will result in making good friends online and building trust.

In the end, I would like to say, don’t go away from here and read another article on blogging, instead try some of these methods and start building your brand today. Blogging not only can make you money, but it’s highly satisfying and you become a better human being. Check our latest Media.net review, an advertising network that allow you to make money while blogging.

Nothing in blogging is easy, but it is not impossible.