How to Make Money Blogging

Make money blogging is not a dream, I have been doing it for years now. In 2009, I started blogging professionally and since then I haven’t looked back. With more than 40 blogs today, I make thousands of dollars which is all from blogging.

You can do it as well. It’s not a rocket science. In this post, you will get a complete overview of how I am doing it and how thousands of people are doing over the Internet.

So, let’s get started with this short how to make money blogging guide.

This guide will not be thousands of word long; it will be precise and quick.

Step 1 – Start a WordPress Blog
Step 2 – Fill content, write articles on a niche that you love. (learn how to find your blog topic.)
Step 3 – Apply for Ads from Adsense(Google Publisher Program), Media.net or other blog monetization options. Check Media.net Review.

That’s it. The major part of this guide is over. Wasn’t it too quick? Well, I want to stop here as this is the only three steps you need to do.

Each of the above steps is well explained in the next articles, you can quickly move over to each from the links above and below. Don’t skip the email subscription box in the right sidebar, as I write regular tips on blogging and how to make money blogging.

With this, I will end this shortest how to make money blogging guide on the Internet, and I hope you will start a blog.

For people who don’t want to make money blogging can also see more ways to make money online (apart from blogging)

Do tell me, if you face any problem while opening a blog, hosting it and installing it, looking forward to your comments below.