Advantages of Blogging – Benefits that Counts the Most

There are many advantages of blogging no matter what you are, what do you do. Blogging has become a mainstream media that touch millions and millions of hearts every day.

There is no particular value of how many blogs exist on the Internet today, but the number can be anything above 200 million. Every other second there’s a new blog coming up.

So, why do people open blogs? There have to be some advantages of having a blog.

In this article, I will list some of the benefits of blogging, known to me as a small mediumenterprise.

Become a Better Writer

This one is simple and straightforward. Blogging means you are writing something and if you write, more and more you become better and better.

become a better writer

Few years back when I started writing blogs, I was awful. I did not have the flair or the class. However, it improved by time, and now I am confident about what I write. I became good in my grammar skills and even storytelling.

No matter what type of content you write, you will become better each day.

Foundation for a Thriving New Business

I know several people that started as a hobby blogger and then converted it to the mainstream income becoming a professional blogger.

One of my friends Harsh Agarwal created a blog ShoutMeLoud and started as a hobby blogger earns more than $10,000 (even more) in a month today. Harsh has made a brand of himself and had followers all around the world. It is great to know him personally.


However, not all can turn their blogs into a new business. It requires patience and significant motivation. Still nothing is impossible and, who knows the next big entrepreneur is reading this post today.

Getting more traffic to your Business, and generating new Clients

Any business will always look for new customers. With blogging, you can find new customers by educating them about your product.

Blogging is all about informing, educating and entertaining people. Any of these three things via your business can help you build your brand. Moreover, once your brand is established, you can easily get new clients.


By regularly updated blog posts, you can get new leads from around the world. Try posting detailed posts that can help customers and potential new customers by solving their problems and concerns, they will consider you as an industry expert and will take your help by hiring your business.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization

In the definition of blogging, I pointed out how search engines like Google and Bing crawl on new posts and updated content. If you create an in-depth article that help people in their business or as an individual, search engines like that and in turn, it gives you search traffic.

best seo tools

So, blogging can be advantageous if you want to rank higher in search results for a particular topic that your expertise in. You just need to tell your story the proper way.

You get to express yourself

Blogging can express your views, it’s the way you tell the world about some happening and what do you think about it.

Even what did you eat for your lunch today can be a topic for you to tell? So, I consider blogging to be highly expressive when it comes to personal experiences.

Apparently if you can express yourself correctly, you can take advantage of it in blogging. You get to tell stories that people can relate to.

You can even get responses from other people around the world instantly.

That is it.

All the points mentioned above are not the only benefits of blogging. There are plenty, and if you join this bandwagon, you will experience them for sure. Moreover, do readfor our next topic on blogging for beginners.