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Understanding the monetizing process from a blog is quite typical and mind numbing. When it comes to earning money from a blog, it comes down either to Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the simplest ways to earn money by placing PPC advertisements on the blog and getting paid based on the quality of traffic and clicks on the advertisements. They are considered to be the few of the best monetization ways. But one has to be quite careful to market and hence, earn money from the blog by proper utilization of available resources.

To put this regarding language of internet marketing, it means that one should keep another monetization method ready at all cost in case primary method fails to deliver the intended results. In case you are wondering about another monetization method then is considered to be one of the best choices available in the market. It is considered to be the second largest contextual ad business when it comes to revenues generated, and it surely provides high potential as one of the best sources of monetization.

In this article, we will discuss at length about what it is, its features, pros and cons and its advantages. So, let us start with discussing what is?

media dot net home screen is one of the frontline contextual advertisements company which manages traffic which generates over 70 million paid ad clicks per month. It closely works with Yahoo-Bing network, and this platform displays advertisements on the website depending on the content. It also makes sure that the displayed ads are relevant to the viewer as well as are well connected and contextual. Many leading publishers such as New York Times, Martha Stewart, Forbes, etc. use this service for ads on their websites.

It is an invitation based ad network where any user can request an invite. It has a dedicated account manager who assists you in getting started as well as helping you to earn more money from the blog. was started way back in 2010 by a serial entrepreneur from India, Divyank Turakhia. Within 6 years, it now has over 800 employees with 6 offices in India, UAE, USA, Switzerland and has become a major player in the display ad industry.

Main Features of Media.Net

Now we move on the salient feature of We are going to get into a detailed discussion on different features of along with its appealing characteristics and its working.

  1. Simple Contextual Ad Network

A contextual ad network such as hosts advertisements which is based on the page context. To understand it better, let us assume that you are running a ads on your web page which is about tourism and your readers will be displayed with advertisements which are related to tourism and travel products. In case your webpage is about smartphones, then it will display ads which are related to smartphones and apps which are compatible with the smartphone.

Contextual advertisements with better results in comparison with any other kind of ads such as direct ads. Since is powered by Yahoo and Bing, one will see the high quality and high revenue generating ads through this platform. This platform is targeted to small as well as large bloggers. Even media houses who produce high-quality content, are targeted to use this platform. In case you have a small blog filled with quality content targeted to right audience then the chances of getting approval is quite high. is targeted to small to large Bloggers & media houses who produce quality content. So even if you have a small blog with targeted and quality content, your chance of getting approval is high.

  1. Ad Customization

To customize the advertisements, comes with loads of features. It allows the user to create custom ad units so that it can match with the existing design of your website as well its branding. It comes with over 15 ad sizes which include all of the popular IAB sizes along with few uncommon ones.

It also comes with an outstanding feature of professionally designed color skin. In place of selecting only the colors, one can select of these skins and achieve different view for the ads on the website.

In case the user wants a complete control on the design of the ads, then the user can create an own ad from scratch. If one doesn’t have the time to carry out required customizations, one can rely on the ad specialists of the platform to handle the styling as well as the performance of the ads.

It also comes with a dedicated publisher control panel which allows the user to monitor the live ad impressions. The user can filter the earning based on the date, ad tags, and website. This feature is quite useful to get an overall idea of the performance of your blog and also understand the rising trends, in case there are any. Its reports are compatible with iPad and iPhone, and one can use these devices to look the reports.

ad formats

  1. Advanced Ad Targeting Options utilizes much advanced auto-learning algorithms which also make sure that the user pages only get the most relevant ads. With this advanced technology, scans all the pages of the user website and then categorize along with classifying the pages on the basis of its content and then detect the important concept of every page on the website. Such machine learning algorithms allow the user to gather valuable information regarding the interests of the visitors of the website. This in turns allows the algorithm to predict the overall engagement rate of different kinds of ads on the website.

Through this process, the professional optimization team can hand-pick the most suitable concepts along with the relevant advertiser for the website. This allows the user to reach a unique balance of the relevance with the revenue which will serve the relevant parties’ purposes. This allows the user to generate high revenue through high-quality ads and with the use of optimization techniques, it helps the user to earn more money from the hosted ads.

  1. Display Ads for Mobile Devices

One of the salient feature of this platform is that it allows the user to host mobile ads. This feature is presently in beta, but with ever increasing number of smartphone users in the world, the mobile ads are the considered to be the future of advertising for the publishers around the world. mobile detection technology inherently learns about mobile browsers and present mobile ads which assist the user to earn extra income using display ads. also comes with an exquisite option to present and display well-optimized ads for mobile devices. This feature allows the user to avoid any complex coding or lengthy integration process saving time and money. Instead of all this, it uses intelligent ad tags which automatically identify any mobile or tablet devices and display the relevant ads accordingly.

display ads

At present, this ad network provides supports to iOS, Android and Blackberry platform which covers almost entire majority of the mobile traffic. These mobile ads are highly optimized which leads to less impact on the load time and moreover, provide the best user experience. This feature is quite useful to display ads, especially in the case when the website is not fully optimized for mobile devices.

  1. Dedicated Account manager & Site Management

This platform comes with dedicated account manager. As soon as the user receives the approval of account, the user is assigned an account manager, and he assists the user to setup as well help the user to get started with platform. In case the user is not a blogger who likes to edit and optimize the ads by changing color, text, etc. the account manager helps the user in doing so.

Another important feature is that with one approved account with, the user can use the same account to run ads on different websites. In order to do so, the user needs to get approval for every website which is quite easy to do so with the help of a site manager.

Using the site management feature, the user can check the status of the website approval. The user can also filter the website as per choice and also check reports regarding the website.

site management

With its multiple ad units, the user can also create different ad unites by the use of ad management panel.

Other Notable Features

  1. provides support to different types of ads for websites- Ad Topics, Display ads and Sponsored Links. It automatically decides for the user to use the right type of ad type to use on every page. It has a system which determines the relevant ad type according to the page and displays only the topics or links and in some cases, the combination of both. In the case of display ads, the user has to get in touch with the account manager to make things work for the website.
  2. It also allows the user to control the ad type which it wants to show. The user can also block any type of particular ads, advertiser or any ad topics from appearing on the website. The user can also provide various hints regarding the content of specific pages which helps to offer the appropriate ads for those pages.
  3. At present, program is only open to a website which has content in English and receives the majority of the traffic from nations like the US, UK, and Canada. It works for the website which contains original content which is regularly updated. The website which doesn’t infringe any third party intellectual property rights can use this platform. The websites which don’t involve in excessive advertising has reasonable visitors’ volume and an appropriate amount of content as well has a navigation-friendly design.

Getting Started with

When it comes to quality check procedure, is quite stringent which is required for a user to pass in order to be able to display ads. The user has to submit the website for review using a link. This is a special type of link for the RTB readers which allows and helps the user to earn 10% extra for the first 3 months of the subscription. One can apply for multiple websites by using the same page.

In order to get approved as a publisher, the website should only be in English language and should get most of its traffic from US, UK, and Canada and must provide useful content to the visitors of the website.

Like other ad platforms, doesn’t accept any website which provides pirated software, torrents, pornographic material, hacked or any kind of illegal content. Also, one can’t apply for parked domains and website which are either under construction or hosted on free platforms.

Given that the website complies with all the rules and regulations set by, the request will be approved without any problem. At that point, the user will be assigned a dedicated account manager who provides all the help required by the user to create and display contextual ads on the website of the user.

At present, the minimum amount set to withdraw from the account is $100. The user can get the payment using PayPal or wire transfer.


  1. Higher Revenue Per Thousand Impressions – provides one of the best RPM rates in the industry especially because it only accepts website which has most visitors from countries like the US, UK, and Canada.
  2. Impressive Customer Support – Once the account is approved, the user is allocated with a dedicated account manager who assists the user in optimizing the ads as well as maximizing the revenue.
  3. Ad Design Options for Higher Conversion – With its intuitive ad designs, it perfectly blends with the blog layouts which results in higher CTR. The user can easily change the ad style according to the website design.
  4. Multipurpose Dashboard – dashboard is quite powerful which allows the user to use it for different purposes such as filtering the earning by various durations along with keeping track of the website performance via the help of graphs and reports. The dashboard provides the necessary tools to the user to understand the key metrics associated with the website in order to understand the revenue generation pattern.
  5. Sticky Sidebar Ads – When it comes to fixed or sticky sidebars, most of the networks don’t allow to put ads on it. In this case, provides the facility to put the ads which is quite rewarding.


  1. Double Click for some ads – In the case of few ads, it requires double click from the visitors to get to the targeted website. It is only then you get paid. This can result in less revenue than expected.
  2. No Real Time Revenue Update – For some unknown reasons, this platform doesn’t provide you the daily earning through your website. The user has to wait for the next day to find out the total income.
  3. Useful only when a website receives traffic from US, UK, and Canada – In case your website gets most of the traffic from other countries rather than the ones mentioned before, then you won’t be able to utilize the traffic. There is also a chance that your website might not even get approved by

Other Advantages of

  1. Among the most important advantage of is that it provides higher performance contextual ads. With its ad design options and other features, it offers the user with optimized ads as per the website which results in higher revenue.
  2. The native ads placed using this platform, as discussed above, are well optimized, and they are according to the interests of the visitors of the website. This results in higher CTR and hence higher paying ads.
  3. This platform only takes 2 business days to approve any request by the user.
  4. Once the account is approved, provides a dedicated account manager to each user of its platform. This manager helps the user in understanding the working of the platform, operating it and assists in creating optimized ads for the user’s website.
  5. Unlike other platforms, doesn’t require any specific minimum traffic. However, it does take into account the origin of the traffic before approving the request. The website should get most of its traffic from US, UK, and Canada.


When it comes to displaying contextual ads, one must admit that it has become the most passive form of income for the website owner. Even though Google AdSense is still the leader in this industry, a user now has the option to test other platforms such as and even have a backup plan ready, in case the primary method fails to deliver. If offerings match the requirements of the user, we strongly recommend that users must become a publishers and use this opportunity to earn more using display ads on their websites.

Apply for account (+10% Bonus Earning)

So, what is your opinion about In case you try this platform then don’t forget to let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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    But anyway, There is no one better than Adsense…. Thus, media. net is also a good alternative…

  2. Fajar says

    I joined both Adsense and to get earning from blogging. Thank you for sharing.

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