10 Of The Best Download Managers for Windows

Download Managers for Windows

When one has to deal with managing your downloads, most of the web browsers fails to satisfy our requirement whether itís Google Chrome or Mozilla.

With enhanced download speed, ability to manage multiple downloads and resume-download feature are just a few reasons to choose a download manager.

Mentioned here are few of the best download managers available on the web.

1.†Free Download Manager


With a great combination of seamless interface and set of incredible features, Free Download Manager is by far among the best. With enhanced download speed and ability to pause and resume download, its provides the capability to store different files in separate folders which make it our go-to download manager. Other noticeable features of this open-source manager are its integrated media player and Ads free UI.

2.†Internet Download Manager


When it comes to the best-paid download manager, Internet Download manager comes to mind. Integrated with popular browsers, this manager provides you two options to manage your downloads- drag and drop system and command line support.

The current version of Internet Download Manager comes with Windows 10 support,† MMS protocol support and spectrum of improvements.†For $29.95, you can have this wonderful download manager which will definitely enhance your download experience with speed and stability.

3.†Download Accelerator Plus


With the primary focus on increased download speed, Download Accelerator Plus is the best alternative in free download managers. DAP increases your download speed increase by searching and channeling multiple sources of a single file. It boasts about itís easy to use User Interface.

If you choose to go for DAP, you get advanced capabilities like downloading videos from Youtube, converting them to MP3, FTP browser and ability to play videos when the download is going on.†In its premium version, you have features like Zip Preview, Trace Cleaner, etc. Premium version of DAP costs at around $24.95.

4.†Orbit Downloader


Giving you the capability to download any file you require, Orbit Downloader is developed for Windows. It has simple yet impressive User Interface and supports different protocols like HTTP, FTP, RTSP, etc.
It also provides RapidShare support which gives the ability to download files from file-hosting sites. It only uses a few resources and also provides seamless download experience, free of cost.



Giving you impressive download speed, FlashGet is another free download manager with simple User Interface and optimized downloading experience. It also provides support to a variety of protocols like HTTP, FTP, eMule, etc.

With drag and drop feature, one to search and rename, this download manager gives you better file management. Its small size yet powerful features like downloading files from Remote PC via email (given that remote PC has FlashGet installed), this manager is available to you at free of cost.



It is among the best download managers which you can easily get for your own Windows PC. It is an open-source software as well as completely free to use. Unlike different types of paid download managers that offer a free version which runs with various ads, in case of this download manager, you are provided everything for free and most importantly without any types of ads. When it comes to its features, it allows the user to start, pause or stop downloads along with setting bandwidth limitations, as well as auto-extract archives among other features. Few of its favourite features include support for popular content websites like YouTube and Vimeo, multiple file downloads, add-on support, to name a few. It is quite a powerful download manager which allows you to easily make it much more feature-rich as well as powerful by utilizing a set of over 300 plugins. For instance, one of its great plugins itís the scheduler plugin that allows you to schedule your downloads. Whenever you are downloading any huge file, you can easily schedule it to download at the time when you get the fastest internet speed. With the scheduling feature of JDownloader, you donít have to remember about starting and stopping the downloads. It has a plethora of advanced capabilities which will suit your requirements. It is evident that JDownloader is quite a capable download manager for Windows.

It is completely free without any types of ads and allows multiple file downloads to run in parallel. It has a huge library of plugins and supports various popular video hosting sites. However, its user interface is quite outdated. It is available free of cost.

7. Ninja Download Manager


It is among our favourite download managers for Windows. It is an aesthetically great looking download manager. It scores very high when it comes to design. It is relatively new in the market, hence the developers had the opportunity to create a modern download manager. This apps appear like a modern Windows 10 app and is soothing to the eyes. Apart from its looks, it is among the fastest download managers present in the market. It utilizes multiple simultaneous connections that basically divides the complete file into various chunks and then uses various server points in order to download these different chunks which bring exponentially faster download speed. Its other features comprise of pausing as well as resuming downloads, multiple downloads, scheduling downloads, queuing downloads and much more. Among its features, the best one is NDM which is a sequential download feature that makes sure that your files are duly downloaded from beginning to finish that allows you to preview your downloads before completion. It is certainly quite handy when it comes to downloading big video files since it allows you to easily check in case the file quality is good or not so that you donít have to waste time as well as data on downloading the complete file. It has elegant and beautiful UI and allows multiple file downloads in parallel. It has the ability to schedule downloads. It also supports sequential downloads. However, parsing of media on various non-popular sites isnít supported. You can get this download manager for $19.

8. EagleGet


It is all-in-one free download manager which can easily be integrated with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and offers support for FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS and RTSP protocol. This actually means that the software can catch the download links automatically from these browsers that allows you to download files without any issue easily. Just like various download managers that we have mentioned in this list, EagleGet also utilizes advanced multi-threaded technology in order to speed up the connections so that you are provided with speedier downloads. It also provides different other feature that includes the ability to pause as well as resume downloads, multiple downloads, adjusting the downloads priority, bandwidth allocation and much more. One of the significant feature of this download manager is its inbuilt malware checker as well as file integrity verifier. This feature protects you from different types of virus attacks while ensuring that the download file remains original and genuine at the same time. It is completely free to download as well as use but you to agree to view the ads or even share the bandwidth with different other users who are also using this software. It typically acts like a torrent where you need to share your bandwidth in order to download files. It is available for free for Windows users.

9. uGet


It is another open-source download manager for the Windows operating system that is completely free to use. It comes with different features like multi-connection downloads that utilize file splitting in order to increase the download speeds, the ability to resume as well as pause downloads without having to actually start the downloads right from the beginning along with batch download with file queuing. One of the best feature of this download manager is its design and looks. It automatically adjusts its own appearance on the basis of the colour scheme as well as icons of the operating system where it is installed on. Along with normal and dark themes, it also comes with different hybrid themes that make this app to stand out from the rest of the download managers.

Among other features of this app also include a clipboard manager that monitors the clipboard for any of the copied download link and then prompts you to ask in case you wish to download those particular files, as well as browser integration with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Chromium and Vivaldi. It also supports various mirrors protocol too. Its user interface is quite seamless and intuitive. The download speeds are quite great and it is a great option for those who are looking for an ad-less and free download manager for Windows. However, the installation and configuration is relatively harder than other download managers. You can easily get this app for free.

10. Xtreme Download Manager


It is among the oldest download manager currently available for Windows. It is a great app for the purpose of handling video content download since it supports link parsing from various major video platforms that include Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Vimeo as well as over 1000 other websites. Like other download managers in this list, it works great with all types of file. It is considered to be the best download manager for downloading video files. The best feature of this app is its ability to download complete playlists from the YouTube without requiring to input links for every individual video.

It seamlessly integrates with Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and other Firefox and Chromium-based browsers. Other features of this download manager include scheduling of download time through the inbuilt smart scheduler, ability to easily pause and resume the downloads, speed limiter that helps in the management of bandwidth allocation, authentication algorithm, support for proxy servers and much more. It is available for free for Windows users.