Quick Candidate Screening on SkillSign

Why quick screening is needed?

Thousands of resumes need to be screened before few are shortlisted for next round. Using an automated tool can help recruiter screen and shortlist quality resumes. Recruiter will get detailed analytics of weak and strong areas of a candidate. This is both times saving and cost effective solution.

With smartphones, these tests can be taken on phone so need to computer terminal is also not a bottleneck anymore.

How online testing tool helps

A custom online test can help recruiter screen candidates effectively. Questions can be designed to test out multiple skills and detailed report of test result can be attached to the resume so that next round can be easier for interview taker.

Online tests can validate the claim of candidates in secured test environment where questions can be computer adaptive. Based on user response, the question difficulty level changes and scores are presented. Online test scores are usually a good indicator of candidate skills.


SkillSign – Online Test Tool

SkillSign is a cloud based Online assessment platform where a recruiter can create custom tests for a specific job profile. SkillSign also has a question database of more than 100,000 questions which can also be used by recruiters to quickly create tests.

SkillSign Statistics:

  1. Over 110000 registered individual users
  2. >30 colleges and coaching centers use SkillSign
  3. Used by hundreds of companies including  Sony, HP & NIIT
  4. 200+ recruiters depend on SkillSign for candidate screening

To check SkillSign visit http://www.skillsign.com