Top 3 Best Free Word Processors

Ever faced the problem of creating a word document without installing the entire office suite? Well, here in this article we provide the solution for it. We present you free word processors, which load in an instant and provides almost all the capabilities of office suite word processor.

Whether you need various features like formatting in different fonts, paragraph formatting or saving files in different formats like .txt, .rtf or .doc format, you can perform these tasks with ease.

Online word processors are not included in this list.


This word processor is not just lightweight but also very fast. Its premium version is available for $19.95.When you launch this software, you get tabbed welcome document and a blank document. The appearance and the layout may be a surprise for the word processor users.


Jarte features a slate bar with gel-like buttons with two option layout called Compact (Minimal or Classic views). The Minimal layout gives traditional text menu bar while Classic gives better labels and an icon menu for different actions.

New documents open with tabs which can be labeled with the name of the file once they are saved. Hence working on various documents becomes easier without having to use shortcut keys or Windows menu to work on multiple documents. With other features like Spell Check, Thesaurus, Dictionary, etc., it makes document editing an easy affair.


Ableword provides well-known icons and menus keeping common user interface. This simple, light and brilliant word processor has all the major editing features like find and replace, inserting pictures, tables, etc. but lacks features like the hyperlink and “track changes”.


Documents can be saved in multiple formats. Print preview along with standard page setup is also available on this word processor.

What makes this word processor unique is its ability to read and edit pdf files. One can edit text or images in a pdf and in its latest version, text from pdf can be imported into a word document.


Featuring traditional word processing GUI layout, Abiword is a free open-source processor for both Windows and Linux. Downloading and installing this software is fast and simple and it operates seamlessly. It just takes less than 30 seconds to download and launches quickly.


Simple toolbar with features like lining, paragraph spacing, header-footer buttons, line spacing, etc. is its top highlight. It also has Dictionary section but misses out on non-availability of Thesaurus. The reference section is readily available. One can easily share different documents with AbiCollab Web Service in the AbiWord’s latest version (2.8.6). This feature also helps in remote collaboration too.

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So with this, we end our list of the best free word processors which you can use to create word documents on the go. Do let us know which one you tried and don’t forget to mention your reviews.