Top 5 Of The Best Call Recorder for your Android Phones [Exclusive]

Have you ever encountered a situation when you wanted to record someone’s call on your Android phone?

Mentioned below are top 5 call recorder available for you to choose.

1. Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder - ACR

Boasting as one of the most popular and highest downloaded call recorder, this app is compatible with almost all versions of Android. Highlighting few of its top features are manual and auto call recording, password protection for your recordings, and auto mode to delete old call recordings. It also provides a tagging option to assign recordings as important which avoids them to get auto deleted.

It supports various formats like 3GP, MP3, WAV, AAC, etc. It is developed by NLL and is available on Google Play Store for free.

2. Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder

For Samsung Android phone users, this app is quite handy. It provides two-way conversation recording. Since this app uses Android Standard API, two-way conversations can only be recorded in phones like Samsung Note 2/3, Galaxy S2/3/4/5. When it comes to other devices, it uses the microphone to record audio. So, in order to record two-way conversation, you have to turn on the speaker to do so.

Developed by Indie Developer, it is available for free on Google Play Store.

3. Call Recorder

Call Recorder

When it comes to the easiest and simplest way to record your calls and manage them, Call Recorder is the best choice. Once installed, it records all the calls made or received on your phone. With its impressive feature to manage call records, this app is one of the most trusted ones.

It is developed by lovekara and is freely available on Google Play Store.

4. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder

How great will it be if you can easily record your meetings, personal notes, classes or any detail with simple and easy to use app? If you are searching for such app, this is the best app. With its beautiful interface and architecture to share and manage call records, Easy Voice Recorder allows you to take backup on your laptop or PC. While you can record the call with this app running in the background, you can also manage this call recorder with home screen widget.

Developed by Digipom, you can record your calls in high-quality AAC and PMC formats. Just visit Google Play Store and download it for free.

5. Call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro

If you are ready to spend some money to get more customized features at your disposal, Call Recorder Pro is one such app to try once. One can easily lock various conversations from auto-deleting, and it has automated recording function too. In its Pro version, you can also share your recordings and manage audio quality settings. This app is compatible with Android phones like Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy 4/5, HTC One series, etc.,

It is developed by Clever Mobile. It’s available on Google Play Store.

And there are few more, but for now these are my top five call recorders on Android phones. Let us know if you have used them earlier and did you like them?