Benefits of an Aftermarket Car Antenna, and How to Choose the Best One

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Why You Should Get an Aftermarket Car Antenna

Over time, the antenna that came with your car when you bought it might get worn down, needing a replacement. You might thin an aftermarket antenna sounds unnecessary, but they do more than just give you clear radio reception – they also add to your vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your antenna or replace one that’s broken, let’s get started with an overview of the benefits that an aftermarket antenna brings to the table, and how to choose the best one for your vehicle. 

Benefits of an Aftermarket Car Antenna

While aftermarket antennas often catch the onlooker’s eye, they do a lot more than just add to your automobile’s aesthetics. The biggest benefits of adding an aftermarket antenna to your vehicle include:

?     Perfectly clear reception. Have you been frustrated with the faulty radio reception in your car? When you find a radio station you love, you want to hear everything they put on the air. Static is never what you want when you turn your radio on. Adding a fresh new Moonraker antenna will give you that crisp signal you’re looking for.

?     Wide range of entertainment options. When you have a properly working radio station, you can always find new music to listen to wherever you go. Even a huge collection of CDs in your car can’t compete with the always-changing local radio stations you’ll receive. A reliable car antenna will let you reach all of the surrounding stations whenever you want to change your entertainment.

?     Proper communication. There’s a lot of wireless technology that goes into cars to improve their communication and the overall driving experience. Antennas are one of these wireless features that serve as an integral part of your vehicle’s communication channel. 

How to Choose an Aftermarket Car Antenna For You

As you shop around, you might get overwhelmed with the volume of different car antennas to choose from. It’s important to know a bit about the types of aftermarket car antennas to make the decision easier. That way, you’ll have more knowledge regarding which type would be the best fit for the car you have and the goals you have for the antenna.

  • Internal. Internal models are known as stealth antennas placed in the trunk, on the dashboard, or any place where they can receive a clear signal without being too obvious or sticking outside of the car. The main benefit of an internal antenna is the safety from all outside elements. This helps them last for a long time.
  • External. External models can add to the look and feel of your car. They’re installed on the exterior of a car. The downside to external antennas is the disruption of natural conditions. This can lead to signal interference and static when the weather’s bad. However, during good weather, you can get clear signals and enjoy how the it makes your car look.

How Do I Know If I Need a New Antenna?

While FM radio signals may tell you whether or not you could use a new antenna, AM radio signals are the best measurement to use. If you’re not able to get any successful AM radio signals, it’s probably time for a new antenna.

If you can tune in an AM station, leave it on and then jiggle the antenna’s base back and forth a bit. Does the signal go in and out? Then you may need to tighten your antenna. This could also indicate that the antenna is destroyed, meaning it will need to be replaced.

Overall, if you’re happy with your current radio signals in your car, you might be fine to keep your current antenna. However, if you want to add to your car’s look or increase your radio clarity, use the tips and information above to make a smart purchasing decision.