9 Upgrades That Will Make Your Car So Much Better


After raking in a few hundred miles, there comes a point in every car owner’s life to want more out of their vehicles—more power, smoother performance, better fuel efficiency. You don’t need to trade your car in for a newer model with updated specs.

Save yourself the money, and simUpgradesly upgrade certain parts of your car. It sounds expensive and complicated, but honestly, it’s not! Check out these nine items.

New Tires

The simplest upgrade that you can make for a better vehicle is on your tires. While engine and internals are equally important, the lack of quality tires translates to poor performance on the road. It’s important that the tire’s rubber has a good grip on the road, which also ensures your safety.

Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs function like tiny bolts of lightning that allow combustion to happen needed to start a car. It’s easy to overlook spark plugs since they’re relatively small, but swapping them for better ones will make all the difference since the condition of your spark plugs is directly linked to engine efficiency.

Reprogram Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Also known as the engine control module, the ECU is a lot like a computer’s CPU. It controls how the engine transforms fuel, air, and spark into usable energy for the car.

The problem is that manufacturers often program the ECU to work below a car’s capability as a precaution. Simple reprogramming will allow improved engine performance and gas mileage.

Upgrade Exhaust Pipes

If your car had a respiratory system, think of exhausts as an exit point for all the toxic gases and fumes that the engine no longer needs. Changing your pipes can dramatically improve horsepower and how your vehicle “sounds.” A free-flowing exhaust, for example, helps relieve pressure on the engine.

Replace Bushings

Bushings are cushions that are mounted on car suspension and steering joints to absorb vibration. When they wear, they allow for more movement, making for a bumpy ride. You may even hear a bit of clunking when you’re on rough roads. When switching, polyurethane bushings are the most recommended, although most new models already have them preinstalled.

Install Sway Bar

Every time you make a turn and your car leans too much, that weight transfer will affect your handling. Sway bars will help you with that. They basically connect the right and left wheels together to help the car stay flat when you corner. Installing sway bars also keeps you safe since it’s potentially dangerous when a car rolls too much. 

Upgrade Stereo

Sometimes, a better car just means a better driving experience. Making a few changes inside your vehicle will have a profound effect on your mood while you’re on the road. Switching to a rubber and easy-to-clean floor mat is one thing, and another would be to upgrade your stereo system with AUX or Bluetooth input. Now your road trips will be filled with beautiful melodies.

Install a Short Shifter

A short shifter reduces the distance to engage the next gear, making it purely a performance add-on. Its desired effect is to cut time in shifting gears, which, in theory, results in improved performance. Say you’re driving up a canyon road; the quicker you switch gears, the better your driving experience will be.

Look at Your Rims

More than just aesthetics, rims are responsible for keeping the rubber tire intact. When you’re driving, they provide leverage and reduce friction. A quality rim spells the difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy one. Lighter rims are also recommended since they perform better and help in braking and fuel efficiency.

Image Credits: Upgrade from Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock