How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger in Two Steps

Looking to open a blog for free? Here in this post I have created a small and accurate tutorial on how to create a blog on blogger.

Before beginning this how-to post, I would like to tell you two things about Blogger.

It is free to open a blog on Blogger, and Google owns this platform. Like Gmail, Blogspot is a service that allow anybody with a Google account to create a blog.

Let’s start with blogging and write on any topic you like.

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Step 1 of creating a free blog on Blogger:

Open with your Google account logged in, for those who do not have a Google account can make an account for free, and you also get a free email id from Google’s Gmail.

For new users, you will get an option of using details from Google Plus profile or you also have the possibility of limited Blogspot profile. I will suggest you to choose the option of Google Plus Profile.

After successful login, you can just click on the new blog or click on the following link to create a new blog.


Step 2 – Naming your Blog:

You will be required to name your blog, and I suggest you should name it with a particular topic in your mind as it will benefit you in the long-term. Otherwise, you can start it with your name. Now you can select any template (changeable later). That is it you now own a blog on Blogspot, but there are few more essential steps to optimize it for better blogging performance.

how to create a blog on blogspot for free

The first thing you will see after the process above is your dashboard. This panel is also called backend; that contains several different menus to customize your blog theme, checking analytics and adding elements to make it more personal.

From this menu, you will also find ‘Posts’ and clicking on it will further give you option of ‘New post’, by this you can start writing your first blog post.

I know you must be excited to see this all, but remember to make relevant pages like About, Privacy, Contact at the start. All of these pages are useful for your readers to know more about you.

adding a new post

While setting up our new blog, we selected a default theme, by changing your template you can make it more appealing.

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However, if you want to explore and play with the default templates, then you can make changes to your current template features like adding a logo, removing the sidebar, and much more.

Now you have things setup, by creating attractive, and good content you can make money.

Setting up Ads

To set up ads on your blog, you will see a setting in your dashboard menu that will denote ‘Earnings.’ From here you can activate Google’s Adsense program (read the guidelines about Adsense) and start making money from your blog.

So, today we learned how to create a blog on Blogger for free, customize your blog by changing themes and activate ads from Google AdSense.

In my future article on blogging, I will write about creating content that works, and how to market your content in a way that people find it.

This concludes my post.

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  • An attractive CAPTION, I like to start a blog, What will be the benefits to go with blogger?

    • There are plenty of benefits,
      First reliability of Google, adding Adsense to earn money and plenty of best free blogger templates.
      That’s all you need from a blog. Good Design, reliability that it won’t be closed or deleted and Earning from it.
      What are you looking for?

  • Thanks Bro, Your page is very helpful…..

  • Rahul C

    Blogger would be a useful for starters. I have started my first blog in blogger and I’m happy that it is very good for start. Thank you for your article.

  • Hey jaspal ,
    Blogspot is good place for newbie users until they don’t get confidence to launch their own website but in my view they have to try WordPress for their blog .it is more powerful startup platform in compression of blogspot.

    • Certainly WordPress is a better option, but you need to spend for hosting fee. On blogspot you don’t need to worry about any hosting fee and you start earning with Google Adsense much quicker than WordPress (for newbie).

      Once you have your adsense approve and you get a hang of what blogging is really about, you can convert to WordPress.

  • simple and easy way. like it.

  • KerisDjawa

    nice easy steps for a beginner

  • Nice Post bro, Keep it up. I’ll keep following you.

  • Kiran

    Hey jaspal ,
    Blogspot is good place for newbie, no doubt about it, but google is not giving Adsense approval for bloggers through and etc., It is accepting only direct websites. Is it correct or not?

    • Kiran

      I don’t think it’s correct, no official statement about this has been released by Google or Blogger support team.