11 Proven Techniques To Build Free Quality Backlinks

We all know that every SEO experts says that build quality backlinks. However, have you ever thought that why building backlinks are important and what are the ways to build backlinks. So let us discuss what are backlinks, why do we need to build backlinks and what are the effective ways to build backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or a blog. Backlinks are also called as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, pingbacks and inward links. In simple words, backlinks mean the link pointing to your site from outside your site or any other site.

Why do we need to build Backlinks?

Building Backlinks is certainly an important step in the development of your website or blog. In the search engine optimization, the number of backlinks enables the popularity or importance of that website or page. The main benefit of backlink is that it helps in increasing your blog or website’s page rank. Strong backlinks also helps in increasing traffic to your website and one another major benefit is that it helps in improving your ranking on search engine results page.

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What are the effective ways to build Backlinks?

Let us see the best ways for link building techniques that you can apply to your blog or website.

Unique and Original Content

Unique and original posts is always useful to get you some good quality backlinks from other sites. There are many bloggers who like to search and give links of other sites from their posts. Well researched and insightful articles always get noticed and generate lots of backlinks.

This is another powerful way to get quality backlinks and driving traffic to your website. The only thing you need is to find quality forums related to your site niche and post comments or replies on them. Be sure your replies are related to the discussions otherwise it will be like spamming. So find some quality forums those have thousands of active members and visit daily to find an interesting discussion related to your niche. It also help is driving unique traffic to your blog or website, and I have always seen that these are loyal readers if they find your blog useful.

Write on a Controversial topic

Have you ever heard of criticizing a movie, an article, a blog, or a big celebrity. Well, you will get lots of people with similar interests, and they will love to bitch about these. You can always tell an actual story of a product that you hate and why is it so that you hate it.

Creating a Controversy is not always a good method, but you will be amazed to know that many famous blogs are only made on this topic. Like Perez Hilton, Moejackson you can see how funny and informative these can be. You will surely get a decent traffic and backlinks.


Do not wait for the links to come by themselves. There are lots of readers already coming to you, ask them to subscribe your newsletter. Do regular postings and hit their Inbox.

By this, good and quality content from your newsletter can be forwarded, and you will have number of readers through emails. Surely if, someone likes your content they will mention you humbly.

Social Media

Social Media is another great way to get backlinks as we all know there are thousand and millions of people who are using social media sites like Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Google Buzz, etc. So, if you spend some time on this site, you will not get only links but also a huge traffic as you do not know some of your articles can hit the home page of these sites.

Conference Presentation

Ya, you heard it right, when you do conference presentations, there are lots of chances that people live blog your website’s link. In this way, you can get some quality backlinks to your website and some unique traffic too.

Lists posts

This is the most effective way to create quality backlinks. You can write list articles, for example, a list of best windows7 wallpapers, photoshop tutorials, Firefox extensions, etc. These are for sure more time consuming in comparison in writing to other articles but surely paid you with some quality backlinks and loads of traffic.

Get a Blog

This is useful for companies who provides online services because by creating a blog of a company, you can write posts related to your niche that in turn be useful for getting backlinks and traffic to your website. It will also help you to establish your online business as you can use your blog as an online business card or profile and will show how you want to see yourself in an online scenario.

Write articles on How-to & Tutorials

You can write articles on How-to guides or tutorials, for example, how to use Twitter in Firefox sidebar or tutorial to create beautiful Twitter backgrounds in Photoshop. This technique will surely help you to drive traffic and most importantly helps in getting backlinks.


One more way to get legitimate backlinks are by running a free service that people find useful or create a product by yourself and distribute it for free. The common examples of freebies are Firefox or Chrome Extensions, WordPress plugins or free WordPress themes. This is one time work, which results in lots of people to come to your website.

Site Architecture

You believe it or not your website architecture also plays an important role in getting backlinks so try to make it easy to link to your site or individual post content. There are many websites which feature good designs, layouts and unique user interfaces like BestWebGallery, Cssdrive, CssBeauty they are all Showcases and can get you a good amount of traffic.

Create A Video

You can also create interesting and helpful videos related to your niche and then published it in your blog, website & Youtube. The more people that watch your video and more they will pass your link to their contacts. If the Video is good and the content is original you can get more backlinks to your website or blog which also helps you to raise your search engines rank.

Apply these tips described above and I am sure it will help you to get quality backlinks & traffic to your website or blog.

It will be very kind if you drop by a comment below to share your views or any other ways to build backlinks other than these.