This is Selfie Spoon; Now you can take a Selfie while eating food

With the increasing popularity of Selfie, gadgets like selfie stands & selfie sticks have become a standard. Now another latest gadget in taking selfies has been introduced named as Selfie Spoon.

This spoon can be stretched at a length of about 30 inches. Moreover, it can be considered as one of the most funniest ways to take a selfie while eating food.

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This gadget is a Selfie Stick that has a spoon at one end and a phone holder on the other. Made by Cinnamon Toast Crunch brand, they said users had to choose between eating and taking selfies, this gadget will make it possible to do both at a time.


To use this Selfie Spoon, you need to switch ON your Bluetooth on the phone. I must tell you that you can order Selfie Spoon via SelfieSpoon.com for free, but you need to pay the delivery charges.

Not a bad deal at all. What say?

people taking selfies

Watch the Video made by Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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