The Best Gadgets of 2015

Every year few neat gadgets appear on the market, and, this time, SaveDelete.com haspicked thebest gadgets of 2015 just for you.

No smartphone, no laptops, no tablets on this list. Sorry!

However, we have some coolest gadgets from 2015 that you may surely love to buy or maybe give them as a gift.So, let’s get started with the coolest and the raunchiest gadgets of 2015.

TrackR StickR

Find things you regularly lose by sticking a sticker that make a sound, controlled by your mobile phone.

trackr stickr

  • Easily find items using the app distance indicator
  • Ring the Tracker device to quickly find lost items
  • Ring a lost smartphone with the Tracker device button, even when the phone is on silent!
  • Use Crowd GPS to recover lost items
  • Works with your iPhone 4s & later and Android 4.4 & later

Stick it on your Remotes and Keys.

Check it out|Price : $24.95


Bluelounge Kosta – Apple Watch Charging Coaster Dark Grey

If you have the new Apple Watch, then this gadget will certainly help.

apple watch charging kosta

The only thing that annoyed me with Apple Watch was charging it daily; it is a real pain. However, this pain can be reduced if you have this stylish looking Bluelounge Kosta – Apple Watch Charging Coaster Dark Grey.

Check it out | Price : $14.95


Sonos Play:5 Wireless Speaker

Sonos Play:5 with its crisp audio, super app and support for almost all the major music services has made everybody love it.


A bit pricey but, in this range the quality of sound is excellent.

Check it out | Price : $500


Ricoh Theta S

Theta Sis a spherical camera that records up to 25 mins of 360-degree videos plus you can livestream it if you want.

Ricoh Theta S-2

Impressive Ricoh.

Check it out | Price : $350


Izon Wi-Fi Video Monitor

A really cool gadget for home security.

izon stem wifi camera

Whenever you are away from home, you will be able to see your home with your smartphone. It is slimmer and has a higher quality than its competitor Oco. It connects with your Wi-Fi, and you can keep it anywhere to see the video and listen to the audio as well.

Check it out | Price : $47.95


SwagWay -Hybrid Skateboards

This hybrid skateboard can climb up to 15 degree incline and has zero degree turning radius.


You can go 20 miles on one charge and max speed of 10MPH. It is not hard to learn, and you just need to learn Swagway will handle your body and rest.

Check it out| Price :$399.99


Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Luggage

Locate your suitcase remotely, Lock it and Weigh it.


It connects with your smartphone with an app and gathers your travel history. With built-in phone charger with six-times charging of your phone in one go. A personal travel assistant on the go.

Check it out | Price :$399


Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Answer your doorbell from your iOS or Android Device.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

A Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that let you speaks to your House visitor from your smartphone. It has night vision and a dual battery that is chargeable and also connects to electricity line. The sensors also catch activity around your doorbell without anyone pressing the button. Stay always at home with the Ring.

Check it out| Price :$199

Isn’t these cool? There are more, andwe will be adding them in upcoming days. So remember to check back. Which one did surprise you and which one will you consider the coolest one?