The Ultimate Guide To Travel On A Budget In India

Travel on a budget in India

Travelling is mostly associated with big budgets and bigger expenditure. The near-universal answer to why a lot of people don’t travel is lack of money. Well, in reality, one doesn’t need to be rich to travel or rather to travel cheap.

Travelling on a budget while enjoying the best of the destination is practicable. All you need to do is travel smart. While travelling on a budget you want to find the cheapest way possible to do things. Finding the right balance between cheap and convenient is what makes the experience smooth for budget travellers.

Travel on a budget in India ain’t really inconvenient. Fulfil your travel dreams and explore the country without going broke. All you need is a well-planned itinerary, an adventurous soul and our ultimate guide to travel on a budget in India.

Travel in the off-season to score best deals

It is no brainer all the travel destinations are packed during the holiday season. Most people travel around the festive season or summer holidays. The results of which is hiked up prices due to increased demand. This is possibly the worst season for the people on a budget to plan a trip.

Every destination has a peak season when it is at its bloom. The prices during this season are higher let it be accommodation, food or transport. Whereas, travelling during the off-season gives you a lot of scopes to score some really great deals as well as bargain. When travelling off-season you also save a lot of money doing touristy things as the prices are again cheaper.

Another great thing about travelling off-season is a lesser crowd. This gives you more space to explore and take the path untaken.

Research is your way to go

If you are keen on saving a penny or two it’s very important to run thorough research for the place you are visiting. Spare some time and sit with your laptop. Read everything right from where you can find cheap food to cheap accommodation, places to visit and local transportation.

It’s very important to know in and out of the place. You can even come across some really interesting deals while researching for it. It’s also a great way to not fall in the trap of travel guides and instead plan the entire itinerary as per your interest. Research not only popular activities but also the offbeat things to do for a greater in-depth view.

Use public transport to save big bucks

The one great thing about travelling in India is commendable connectivity of public transport. Most part of India is either connected by Railways or Roadways. The local rickshaw, sharing cabs and ferries cover the other bit.

Hiring a cab or even renting a scooter might cost a bomb for someone travelling on a budget. Whereas, a local bus or train can take you places by spending very few pennies. The other great thing about travelling using public transport is you get to meet all kinds of people from different parts of the country. Strike a conversation with your fellow passengers for a great insight into their lives and culture. The experience will surely leave your heart filled with warm and brain with knowledge.

Ditch the explored and travel to off-beat places

Someone rightly said it’ll take a few lifetimes to travel all of India. The country has a lot to offer. Some of the most picturesque places are still untouched by tourist and travellers. If real experiences are your thing, it’s time to ring the tinkling bell and choose the less-travelled road and find hidden gems in nature.

Still untarnished by commercialization, these small towns are a great escape for budget travellers. The small towns/ villages provide accommodations and food at a dirt-cheap price. You get to experience the local life and live among the localities. The beauty of these unexplored places will leave you mesmerised for sure.

Ditch the hotels and settle for homestays

Without making a big hole in your pockets, homestays surprise you with warm-hearted memories. Another reason to embrace homestays is mouthwatering home-cooked meals that are served here. You get to eat authentic local food made using local ingredients and the taste stays you with years.

Homestays let you interact with local families and stay in houses that are lived in. You get the entire house to move, cook your own meals, walk around with your host and you leave with a pandora of stories in your heart. You can easily get homestays along with meals for a few hundred in off-beat places. You can even book them through portals like www.airbnb.co.in

Try more of local food

Afraid of expending too much on the food? The best way to avoid it is by trying local food and eating at small joints. Three days a meal at a fancy restaurant could easily hurt your pockets. Instead, opt for local delicacies.

This way not only you get to explore new cuisines and make them taste buds happy but you also end up saving a lot of money. Try the food from street vendors, go to local sweet shops and get a sugar rush or prefer dhabas. It makes you learn new experiences and let you explore the new taste.

Transit overnight to save up on accommodation

Instead of spending a hefty amount on hotels, plan in a way you transit overnight between cities. This is one of the smartest ways of travelling on a budget. Since most hotels charge on per night basis, this way you only pay on an hourly basis.

Though overnight journeys could be tiring and uncomfortable. Make sure you don’t do it every night. Plan in a way you have gap between the days and you could give your body proper rest.

When you to travel on a budget in India next, try keeping these points in your mind and become a smart traveller. It’s never the money you spend your travel that you remember, it’s the experiences you gain. After all, money is the dearest honey, why not save some penny?

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