Best Beaches Near Manila


Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, is popularly known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. The city is full of historic as well as modern things to see such as the museums, theatres, parks, shopping malls and surfeit of restaurants. It is one of the flavorful destinations for the foodies due to the varied cuisine and delicious street food markets.

The city is located on the island of Luzon and there are plenty of wonderful beaches nearby. These plentiful beaches are filled with natural beauty of different rock formations, plants, trees, corals and aquatic creatures.

Best beaches near Manila

Here is a list of beautiful beaches near Manila that displays the natural beauty of marine life. Read on to choose the best one for your coming trip.

  • Anawangin cove

Anawangin cove is not an island but is part of mainland Luzon. It is the one that started the tourism in this area due to its easy accessibility. Since this place is situated behind the mountains, getting there requires a lot of time through trekking over the bare landscape. The easiest route to reach there is by boat through the closest settlement Brgy, Pundaquit. Anawangin is considered as the best destination for the sun lovers. The beautiful white sand beach is very quiet and relaxing.

  • Nagsasa cove

The Nagsasa cove beach was formed as a result of volcanic eruption and has now turned into a beautiful natural wonder. The coastline is laden with lush green Agoho trees, grey sand and clean water. This is a nice spot for adventurous activities like camping and hiking. There is a waterfall nearby with natural beauty all around. This beach is best enjoyed between the months of December and April when the skies are clear. If you want to spend a quality piece of time then this is the best spot to hang on.

  • San Juan

Staying in San Juan is probably the best part of your trip to visit the wonderful beaches nearby.  There are about 11 beautiful beaches in and near San Juan that includes Escambron beach, Condado beach, La Playita del Condado, Ocean Park beach, Playa Pena, Condado Lagoon, Alambique beach, Pine Grove beach, Carolina beach, Pocita de Piñones and Isla de Cabras. These are the famous spots for snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and lots of adventure.

  • Sepoc beach

The Sepoc beach on the Maricaban island is an ideal site for spending your vacation relaxing in the sand, sea and sky. The white sand, clear water, verdant surroundings and enthralling marine life make this place a perfect destination.

  • White beach

White beach of Boracay island is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Tourists from all over the world come here and admire its breathtaking beauty.  The natural charm and uniqueness of this island has attracted everyone. The white smooth sand, clean warm water and open blue skies has made this place the island of choice. The unbeatable magical sunset and captivating environment will make you come over and over again.

Image Resource: unsplash.com

  • Borawan beach

The famous Borawan beach is located in Padre Burgos with several jaw-dropping views. The crystal clear water of the Borawan beach is ideal for swimming and treading. It is the perfect destination to relax yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Subic beach

Here is another perfect destination for diving and surfing. The clear water and amazing marine life make this place a unique one. The lush green vegetation adds extra charm to this place and is perfect for various adventurous activities like snorkelling, horse riding, hiking and scuba diving.

  • Matabungkay beach

Situated in the coastal town of Lian in Batangas, the Matabungkay beach is famous for various water sports including boating, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, jet skiing and swimming. The beach has a long stretch of light grey sand that appears white in the sun. Your trip to Matabungkay beach is incomplete without trying the floating bamboo raft cottage.

Image Resource: unsplash.com

There are many Philippine airlines that take you to multiple islands by connecting to the smaller airports. So, note down a holiday plan to the famous beaches of Manila and experience the tropical vibes. Be sure to learn a bit of swimming to have a better experience of marine life.