Top Offshore Software Development Center 2022

Offshore Software Development

It’s no surprise that offshore software developers have flourished in recent years. The IT landscape has changed due to the increasing demand for web and mobile solutions spurred on by the COVID pandemic and millions of individuals forced to work from home. The offshore software development team is the new norm in today’s fast-paced environment. Your organization must optimize the best and embrace every opportunity to avoid being left behind.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the human and technological assets, or you do not have any time to train internal teams. That is why offshore development teams were formed and have shown to be advantageous.

What is offshore software development?

Offshore software development (Offshoring) is typically a sort of outsourcing in which you send your software development project to a firm outside of your home region in order to save money or discover resources that aren’t available in your home market.

First, you should have a thorough understanding of what an offshore development team is? This means that an offshore software development center will build solutions on your behalf and according to your specifications. These groups are based in different countries. Furthermore, the offshore country’s living standards are lower than those of the owning firm.

There are six key reasons for hiring an offshore development team:

  • Saves money and time
  • Quality is assured
  • Access to talented professionals
  • Control of the offshore team
  • Gives you a chance to  concentrate on your business development
  • Easier expansion to the offshoring market

Best offshore software development centers

Here are the best offshore software development centers for creating reliable solutions that help organizations manage their operations more successfully and quickly.

1.     Orient software

Orient Software in Vietnam is a 16-year-old software development center with more than 350 professionals. This offshore development center provides a dedicated team that will focus on client value capabilities and boosts agility considerably while embracing expertise and saving money and time.

When working on the project, the  employees will demonstrate dedication to the task at hand. Custom software development, web application development, artificial intelligence, database development, cloud & DevOps, QA & testing, and mobile application development are some of the offshore services offered by Orient Software.

2.     MobiDev

MobiDev has delivered over 450 products since 2009, providing services to startups and growing businesses worldwide. MobiDev makes it simple and interesting for visionaries to build new software applications. 

So they can focus solely on what truly matters; their expertise, their business, and their customers are highly embraced. Their goal is to keep control of thousands of minor but crucial things.

  • Microservices & cloud infrastructure
  • Native mobile & desktop development
  • Industrial IoT & Augmented Reality
  • Cross-platform & Web solutions

3.     Eleks

Eleks has more than 1,000 workers and collaborates with high-profile clients such as Aramex, ESET, TAIT, Autodesk, and Havas. It is based in Lviv, Ukraine, and was formed thirty years ago, in 1991.

They have sales offices in Japan and the United States and additional offices and research facilities around the world.

Their services include anything from quality assurance & testing to development, technology consulting, and much more. They have a great deal of experience from their 30 years in business, including AI and financial and retail sector experience.

4.     Euvic

This company, based in Poland, was founded over 20 years ago, in 2004, and has expanded to about 1,000 staff. Euvic has offices in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States, as well as a headquarters in Gliwice.

They provide various services, including custom software development, application testing, mobile app development, etc. For example, their partners, including FileHold Systems, Ardent, and JetAvation, can work with clients of all sizes and shapes. Still, they’re best known for working with mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries.

5.     Admios

They provide premium staff augmentation services to VPs, CTOs, and Directors of Software Engineering and can assist in the following ways – fast, Simple Recruiting & Onboarding brings developers on your staff in 2 – 3 weeks without causing your team to be distracted by extensive screening or interviewing and talented individuals who work as a team.

We’ve been assisting top Bay Area startups for fifteen years, and they’ve worked in a wide range of industries and technology stacks. Since they have developers in all three US time zones, they Work When You Work! 

Project Management, Architecture, QA & Testing, Custom Software Development, Integrations & Data Migrations, and Support & Maintenance are some of the services they give to startups, growth-stage businesses, and public companies.

6.     Hypernova labs

This company was founded in 2013 with the goal of assisting businesses with their limited technical solutions. They produced a mobile app for a non-profit known as Teleton 20-30 near the end of their first year, and it was their first notable client.

Later, Hypernova began dealing with customers in the banking industry and other major industries, and the company has grown steadily over the years, specializing in outsourced development.

They now have over 50 workers, making them one of the smaller organizations on the list, but that hasn’t stopped them from collaborating with some of the world’s biggest brands.

7.     Codal

Codal is primarily built on transparency, and they take pride in partnering with clients to ensure that they understand everything they have to do and why they have to do it. They then produce a custom proposal that specifies exactly what you are paying for and why.

Codal has a strong reputation for its personnel, who have a strong track record and a strong work ethic. For their outstanding builds, they have large numbers of end-users.

8.     Kanda software

This center is a reliable development partner that helps organizations. They have deep knowledge of development standards, compliance, processes, and security that is essential to produce high-quality customized solutions to the business demands of their clients.

Over the last few decades, this company has always been listed as a Software Development & QA outsourcer by multiple top service and product suppliers.

It is a design, full-service analysis, and development center capable of building complicated and sophisticated solutions while also remaining exceptionally cost-effective in achieving even the most stringent deadlines.

Conclusion Are you searching for a good company that specializes in offshore development? Because of the significant change to the new business model of a remote workforce, organizations have been forced to abandon their old hiring practices and rely on outsourced software companies. With offices closed and businesses impacted, outsourcing has grown in popularity.  We understand how difficult to find the best offshore software developers. But it is possible, and the effort is worthwhile!