Zoho Books Review

As a software company, Zoho has its Zoho Books which is an accounting software. When it comes to best free accounting software, Zoho Books is considered among the best. This software provides Zoho invoice which is targeted towards freelancers. Zoho Books comes with various accounting functions along with a wide range of invoice templates.


1. When it comes to creating your business by using Zoho Books, it is quite simple. All you need to do is enter your various personal data at the beginning. As you go deeper into the accounting tasks, you have to fill in your banking information along with tax related info.

2. The user can easily enter its clients or vendors as the user enters the basic data. The user can then start transmitting invoices or quotes.

3. Its invoicing function is customizable on a complete basis. The user can easily create invoices by selecting apt template which comes with the software. In the invoices, the user can add the logo of the business.

4. The user can also save invoices or quotes as PDFs which a great feature. The user can also send invoices to the clients using email too.

5. Tracking expenses is also quite handy within the dashboard of the software and via the mobile app.

6. This software comes with over 500 integrations that are duly available for the software. As the business grows, it can integrate features lie marketing tools, CRM, and various other features.

7. This software comes with a solid customer support infrastructure. It provides an active community base where you can easily find the answer to your queries from the users of this software. However, it lacks video content which many people look for training purposes.


It provides a complete accounting solution along with the features to track expenses along with clients and manage inventory via different platforms, which also include the mobile platform.


The customer support lack video content required for training the users.


Zoho Books provides all the necessary tools to create clients, accept payments, transmit invoices, etc. Its interface is quite easy to use and very simple.

In case you are looking for an accounting software that can be upgraded and integrated with different business related features, then Zoho Books will fit your requirements,

Just try this software and let us know about your experiences and mention your views in the comment section below.