Stellar OST to PST Converter Review

One of the most tedious jobs is to convert OST files into PST format. One has to find suitable software for the conversion, and it is not easy to discover one. To aid our readers who are looking for such software, we introduce one of the finest software, Stellar OST to PST Converter. It allows you to turn all of your OST files into PST format. This software performs excellent conversion and it works with your files without any type of data loss. It provides risk-free conversion of contacts, emails, calendars, journals and notes. This software also supports encrypted OST file to PST conversion in order to get more secure conversion process. All of the Exchange objects are converted quite easily to their most compatible format of Outlook. For files which are created using the different and older versions of Microsoft Office, this software provides supports to MS Office version of all the recent and previous ones ranging from 2016 to earlier versions.



This OST to PST Converter software offers you with a credible as well as reliable conversion software in order to convert all the offline storage (OST) files to personal storage (PST) files.

An OST file essentially stores a copy of Exchange mailbox on the local system. This particular file allows you to work seamlessly whenever there is technical difficulties with Exchange server. There can be different reasons to export data within the OST file to PST format which includes damaging or corruption of OST file, the requirement to access OST file data on different local system etc. This converter smoothly and swiftly extracts the data within the OST files and also saves them securely by converting into a newly created PST file. This PST file can be then be imported into MS Outlook to access entire data.

Stellar OST to PST Converter Review2

This product allows you to organize and sort all the email messages by Date, To, From, Subject, Attachment, Type etc. Along with this, it allows you to improve the scan result readability by means of allowing you to segregate the emails in groups via a convenient and easy “Show in Groups” feature.

This software provides you with the option to both search and save all the individual email messages which are within an OST file. You can easily choose any specific email message to be extracted from the OST based on parameters such as To, From, Date, Subject and then convert them into a different formats which includes MSG, RTF, PDF, EML and PDF formats.

It also ensures that all of the Exchange mailbox objects such as emails, attachments, contacts, journals, notes, calendar entries etc. which are stored within an OST file can get converted into PST format. This tool considers all of the risk factors as well as skilfully averts all the issues in order to achieve perfect OST to PST conversion. You can actually make sure that all the items have been duly converted by means of keeping an eye on the counter which this software displays against every mail folder that indicates the number of converted items.



  1. It allows you the option to both search as well as save any individual email message from within the OST files.
  2. It also allows you to recover all the inaccessible mails, contacts, tasks, calendars, tasks, journals as well as notes.
  3. It offers you the option to preview all the recovered items after scanning.
  4. It allows you to find as well as arrange mails after scanning.
  5. It allows free conversion of OST file to PST file for 20 emails per folder.
  6. It saves the converted files as EML, RTF, PDF, MSG and HTML.
  7. It supports all the major versions of MS Office.


Salient Characteristics.

  1. In case the Outlook gets shut down abruptly whenever you are opening, synchronizing or accessing the OST file, then the OST file is prone to get damaged or corrupted. This can actually happen in case the Outlook is busy in something else and you end up terminating it by clicking “End Task” in Windows Task Manager, or if you end up turning off the computer without actually quitting the Outlook and Windows normally.
  2. An OST file which is located at user systems which need to be synchronized with the Exchange server, sometimes during the process of synchronization, can lead to a huge number of conflicts known as Synchronization errors that won’t allow opening any particular Outlook item which leaves the OST in an orphaned stage. You can utilize this tool to bail you out from this error.
  3. Another reason for an OST to become inaccessible is due to malicious software and viruses which damage the Outlook and Exchange files. This software helps in restoring the damaged OST files in PST formats.


Pricing Plans

Talking about the different packages, the Stellar OST to OST Converter provides three SMB as well as Enterprise pricing licenses. These are:

  1. Corporate which costs at $99
  2. Technician which costs at $299
  3. Toolkit which is available at the cost of $399

When it comes to user satisfaction, there are various salient characteristics that need to be considered. According to us, whenever you are making a decision in order to buy any Email Management Software then it is quite important just to see how experts evaluate it but also how the real people, as well as companies, find it. In our research, we found that Stellar OST to PST converter software is quite easy to use and provides all the necessary features that a customer requires from the software when it comes to conversion of OST to PST files.



When it comes to different companies, they have diverse requirements as well as demands, and there is no software platform which is just right in a particular situation. It is, hence, pointless to search for a perfect software app which fulfils the various business requirements. The smart and best thing to do is to modify the solution for the particular requirements, special needs, budget, staff member skill levels and other aspects. For all these reasons, one shouldn’t hurry and subscribe to any well-publicized leading software or system. Even though they may be used widely, they might not be perfect for the demands of your business and the requirements you have. It is better to do a thorough research and look into each short-listed software or system in detail. In case you require specific software for conversion of OST files to PST files, then Stellar OST to PST Converter software is among the best options available in the market. It offers you reliable and trusted conversion of OST files to PST files. It also allows you to preview all the items that are recovered and give you the list of all the items which are going to be converted to PST.

So, if you are looking for a robust and reliable OST to PST converter software, you should certainly look into this software. It provides you all the above-mentioned great features which might come handy in case you are facing difficulty in converting and retrieving OST files. It supports all the recent versions of MS Office and also priced quite economically.

With this, we end our review of Stellar OST to PST converter software. Let us know your experience with this software when you try it? Also, tell us your views regarding this review in the comment section below.