Best Staffing Agency Software with Buyers Guide

Zoho Recruit

Automate Manage organization’s recruiting staffing operations Posting jobs Keep applicants  Engaged throughout

CEIPAL TalentHire

Easily manage job requisition & posting Identify best candidates AI key matching Manage interview Give feedback Generate reports 


Applicant tracking system that helps recruiters and direct employers work more efficiently by automating the hiring process. 


Cloud-based workforce management Helps businesses Schedule staff shifts Process payroll Records hours


Helps modern staffing firms Automate recruiting Make placements Social sourcing Email automation engine 


Offers fully-integrated ATS CRM & HRMS platform  Deliver efficiency Growth of staffing consulting firms

Staffing Agency Software Reviews


Oorwin is genuine as per the pricing, but its customer care acknowledgement is too sluggish. Customers raised the issues mentioned above earlier as well but still, bugs prevail.

Pros: Mass Emailing highlight. Easiness of control. Easy software doesn’t drive a lot of stress on the RAM and Computer processor—the best recruitment solution for a small business. Hassle-free and straightforward to manage. All the features of Oorwin software can execute work in a much more manageable form. The system is easy to use and comes with an excellent user interface. 

Cons: While creating mail for mass emailing, there is a blank space at the email template column’s extreme left corner. While mentioning the Email Subject, click on the space, and the entire email window gets closed. Secondly, while searching applicants in the internal database, you cannot set a string like a job name. Users would rather have to put one keyword in the Job Title to explore the internal database. Thirdly, no option may route a candidate’s profile to the user’s email or any other’s email.


The app has been game-changing for how management communicates with staff.

Pros: Ease of use as a Coordinator to schedule has shrunk majorly, leaving more time to focus on recruiting, onboarding and training. The calendar makes it easy to see what the whole week looks like. The sorting function helps isolate events more easily. Even the colour and font choices applied in the apps is pleasant to the sight! The customer support from the Nowsta team has been outstanding. They always respond within minutes through a direct messaging function and resolve the issue and are fun to work with. The software has made continued enhancements to functionality. They have extended the system in various ways, enabling users to change payroll duties and save money. The team at Nowsta is the latest example of continuous improvement. 

Cons: The app’s time clock function can be buggy and not appropriately recorded but can be usually set right away. It’s also an obvious fix as a Coordinator to customise the times on the PC.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is well adapted in circumstances where one has various sources of applicants applying for multiple jobs. It enables you to hold a record of progress across every source. It is also well satisfied for companies that are always hiring and require an efficient system that tracks candidates. Zoho is probably not well prepared for looking for a free resource for their ATS or looking to hire less than ten people over the next 1-2 years. Traditional means can assist the purpose adequately in those cases.

Pros: Zoho Recruit implements automated workflows that be determined to trigger emails for developments in the pipeline stage of an applicant. It gives the ability to create email templates that can be activated from the candidate’s profile without retaking them. It enables resume parsing from the doc, docx and pdf files, which automate candidates’ data entry. It allows for creating a simple career website with the open job positions auto-populating from the application onto the site. It allows for creating vendor portals, enabling you to manage the movement of resumes from recruiting sellers.

Cons: Zoho Recruit should provide for customization of pipelines based on job/role to be hired. It should permit customization of the vendor portal, facilitating the vendor to transcribe key data points about candidate profiles typically not found on the resume, such as notice period, current salary and expected salary. It could simplify the blueprinting process built into the tool, which allows for the smooth flow of candidates through the system.

Staffing Agency Software

Headhunters use staffing Agency Software across recruitment and employment agencies to facilitate candidate searches and manage the hiring method. These software resolutions support agencies search for, shortlist, and hire applicants for their clients.

Advantages of Staffing Agency Software

Organized applicant data storage: Staffing agency software lets you receive applications from an extensive range of specialists, with career sheets, websites, and online career boards. All applicant data is collected in a classified manner that permits users to search and penetrate to identify suitable candidates quickly.

Automated workflows: Staffing agency software automates difficult and repetitive methods like resume parsing, email responses, and report creation, saving recruiters experience and effort and engaging them to focus on more critical tasks.

Features of Staffing Agency Software

Candidate management: Develop, track, and manage relationships with applicants.

Job postings: Support, record, and manage open jobs on various channels (e.g., online job provisions, company career sheets, etc.)

Temporary staffing: Supports companies that provide a transient workforce to their customers while hunting for strong hires.

Resume parsing: Categorizes data obtained from resumes into predefined sectors and repositories it in a structured, readily searchable practice.

Price of Staffing Agency Software

Most market commodities are priced on a “per user, per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing ranges based on their opening price. A premium product is priced higher, including additional characteristics like video interview integration, candidate feedback pulse/reports, webhooks, and auto-responders.

Considerations while Buying Staffing Agency Software

Mobile apps: Look for resolutions that allow a mobile-friendly webpage variant of the software or a dedicated mobile app for managing on-the-go. Some mobile apps also enable candidates to implement vacancies from their smartphones or folders.

Compliance and fair employment opportunity (EEO) handling: Your staffing company must comply with all applicable employment laws in your and your clients’ domains. Guarantee that the software you pick both complies with all recruitment-related laws and guidance and promotes EEO-compliant hiring.

Security of applicant data: Before buying staffing agency software, manage its data protection standards. Does it store user authentication with strong personal logins? Does it encrypt data through transmission, accommodation, and backup production?

Staffing Agency Software Trends

Staffing companies are adopting innovative mobile-focused tactics: In our gadget-friendly economy, many staffing companies are optimizing their mobile use websites to bring more candidates. Research from 2018 discovered that 16% of applications are offered via mobile devices. Expect staffing companies to continue developing their social media practice to bring talent and manage video calls to eliminate candidates.

The increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in staffing: By 2021, candidates will be more likely to communicate with a chatbot before speaking with a recruiter when presenting job applications. Chatbot implementation is demanded to save staffing companies approximately $8 billion annually. AI-enabled staffing resolutions can allow advanced resume parsing to coordinate candidate experience with a preset skills essential checklist, providing users with a ranked list of the most qualified applicants.

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