Kashoo Review

When it comes to tracking business expenses and managing accounting requirements, it can be quite tedious for small business owners especially when they are most on the go. In this case Kashoo provides the best solution with its mobile apps and is considered as among the best accounting software.


1. Kashoos major feature is its mobile application which provides you the means to track expenses and cash flow. It provides this solution even when the user doesnt have internet access.

2. To setup your business within Kashoo is quite easy because of its simple interface which is also similar to other services. After filling up your personal and business information, you can also choose primary currency out of variety of options.

3. You can also enter information such as income, payments, expenses, invoices, directly on the dashboard tab which is convenient yet it creates a cluttered view which can be hard to interpret sometime.


1. It provides five short videos which will help you explaining the initial steps you have to take before you are up and running.

2. It also provide important quick views of income, bank balances, profit which are pushed to the side. To create various customers and vendors, you have to navigate to a different tab present within the dashboard and the following process are quite easy to do.

3. When it comes to expanding with Kashoo, it generally comes in the form of providing access to almost all users of the software which may not help you too much especially when you are taking any extra responsibility, and you require more advanced functions to run your business properly.

4. Support of this software usually comes in several forms such as integrated live chat option, standard telephonic support along with email support lines.

5. Its mobile apps assist you to track your accounting processes and various information while you are on the go.


1. This software doesnt provide any support for the creation of estimates and quotes.

2. Even with all the important business applications like payroll or point of sale, it doesnt include this information directly in the interface which can make it inconvenient and quite messy.


Kashoo provides simple yet efficient cloud-based accounting solution which works well for business which is just getting started. Even without any support for estimates and quotes, you can accomplish basic accounting task and functions.

So, in case you are going to use this software, do let us know about your experiences. Also, mention your views and suggestion in the comment section below.